Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Crumbs is a frozen yogurt stall at the Level LG of Gurney Paragon. The striking yellowish counter is just too difficult to overlook.
I ordered a large cup of the signature Frozen Yogurt (RM12.90). Unlike other frozen yogurt (sometimes simply called "froyo") brands like Tutti Frutti, Crumbs only has one type of flavor: milk. Note that the amount of froyo is actually less than it appears because the center of the cup is full of... air.
Nevertheless, I am very impressed with the froyo at Crumbs. The texture is very smooth because the ice crystals are very fine. The yogurt is very rich in milk and has a delightful, non-excessive sweetness. It is not too sour too.

The large cup of frozen yogurt allows a choice of two toppings. I went for mango and blueberry.
The mango is diced up into small bite sizes. The fruit is not ripe as I hoped because it still has a greenish hue. Nevertheless, this did not ruin my enjoyment of the frozen yogurt.
The blueberry is quite nice too, though I chose this only because there are no other viable fresh fruits to choose from. I tend to shy away from chocolate sprinkles because those are just cheap stuff.

The small jar of Green Tea Mousse (RM5.50) is quite a nice treat. Made from whipped cream, milk, eggs and green tea extract, the mixture is stabilized using gelatin. Please be advised that gelatin is derived from animals, so this is neither a vegetarian nor vegan dessert.
The mousse has a composition between paste and jelly. It is served in a petite-looking transparent jar. The green tea mousse is quite rich in milk, and the green tea flavor gives a mild bitter-sweet aftertaste.
There are three types of scones, but as a cheese-lover I opted for the Cheese Scone (RM2.90). The pastry is made using plenty of butter and a good amount of Parmesan cheese. Therefore the scone has a nice buttery fragrance and lovely saltiness from the cheese. The other two scone choices which I did not try are Raisin Scone and Chocolate Scone. The scones are made daily, which explains why they are so fresh.
My gastronomic experience with Crumbs has been nothing but positive. If only the price point is lower...

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