Gala House

Muntri Street (Lebuh Muntri) is yet another popular tourism district in George Town due to a number of classy guesthouses (e.g. Muntri Mews) along the road.
An interesting fact about Muntri Street: This was where the world-famous shoes designer Jimmy Choo started his career in the most humble manner.
At the former location of Soul Kitchen Trattoria, another new restaurant has taken over its place. Retaining the striking cyan facade of its predecessor is the Gala House Restaurant & Cafe. This two-storey eatery has a nice selection of Western dishes and desserts.
The front counter of Gala House is made resemble the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. How lovely is this?
I did not want to have heavy meal today, so I went directly to the "Gala Cake" menu. The available cakes are displayed behind the glass panel and are sold by the slice.
My dessert of choice is a slice of Jack Daniel Chocolate Cake (RM14.90). As it turns out, this is a piece of fine, heavyweight chocolate cake without equals.
The chocolate is very rich and creamy. Layers of pure dark chocolate show what a real chocolate cake is made of. The texture is also smooth and easy in the mouth, although the strong chocolate requires occasional sips of iced water. The cocoa-bitter aftertaste is lasting even after the last piece of cake has been vanquished.
The gastronomic satisfaction from the Jack Daniel Chocolate Cake must not be underestimated. The massive dosage of cocoa really quells my chocolate craving for a very long time.
My beverage of choice a hot cup of Cappuccino (RM9.90). Underneath the thick milk foam is a strong shot of caffeine enough to put Sleeping Beauty out of slumber. I actually prefer to enjoy this Cappuccino as it is, i.e. without any sugar added. The welcoming concoction of fine coffee is definitely any coffee-drinker's paradise.
The staff at Gala House are very friendly and attentive. As one explained, The Gala Dare is offered until someone tastes up the challenge to dress in something outrageous. The current (and first) challenge is the Superman outfit. At stake is a free slice of cake to the first Kryptonian who visits the Gala House.

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