Lau Peng Seah Kopitiam

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

OHL Gallery opened a new outlet in Straits Quay lately. Adjoining the showroom is a small café called Lau Peng Seah Kopitiam (老槟城). The name literally means "Old Penang".
At the moment, the menu is very limited. The food served are mostly bread and sandwiches. Nevertheless, they are reasonably priced for a place like Straits Quay.
I decided to go with Set 1 (RM7.00). The set consists of a piece of Roti Bakar (toasted bread), 2 Soft Boiled Eggs and a drink.
The Roti Bakar flavor is the classic "Kaya & Butter". Time after time, I still feel that this is the best spread for toasted bread. The bread is toasted just about right, having a slight crisp on the surface yet moist and soft in the middle. The creamy kaya (jam made from coconut milk, eggs, sugar and pandan leaf) and butter contribute to the enjoyment of the Roti Bakar.
The Soft Boiled Eggs are just fine. The yolks are still lukewarm and slightly watery. Whenever it comes to poached eggs, I usually like a light sprinkle of pepper powder for better flavor.
The choice of beverage is the Iced Coffee Mocha. The drink is OK, but it gets diluted once the ice melts. I should have ordered a hot drink instead.
Overall, the food here is pretty decent and affordable. For comparison, go check out what RM7.00 buys you at PappaRich.

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