Le Cuisinier

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Nested in Lembah Permai is a recently opened Western eatery called Le Cuisinier (or Le Chaud Cuisinier). The restaurant is adjacent to Permai Village Cafe, which is the former location of Rubin Mardini.
Le Cuisinier just rolled up its shutters when I arrived. This is probably due to the New Year countdown event on the previous night.
From the "Massive Combo" section of the menu, I ordered the Chicken, Lamb & Fish (RM32.90). Quite often in Western restaurants, I try go for different types of meat to get an all-round feeling of the grilling department.
The T-bone lamb is grilled to medium as requested. It has a strong meaty flavor hallmark of good mutton grill. However, it is more oily than necessary, which does not bode well to my palate.
As for the seared fish, it turns out quite nice much to my delight. The texture is smooth and tender. Taste-wise, it has mild fish-sweetness which I truly enjoyed.
However, the grilled ranch chicken needs some serious improvement. The chicken is too tough and dry, and really lacks flavor. Either the grill was over-done, or the chicken has not been thawed sufficiently before grilling.
The grills are served with some brown gravy, which is reasonably good in my opinion. I find it most useful on the chicken because of the latter's dryness and lack of flavor.
Along with the grills are a heap of mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflowers and carrots).
Based on my dining experience, I think Le Cuisinier still needs improvement at the grilling station, in particular with the lamb and chicken. I cannot comment on the on other dishes until I have tried them. I notice the House Gourmet Burger on the menu, which I intend to try if I have the opportunity.

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