Mama One Ton Mee

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

One of the more well-known shops selling wantan mee (云吞面) is located at Lorong Susu off Macalister Road (Jalan Macalister). The shop is called Mama One Ton Mee (嫲嫲云吞面), but the this is just transliteration from Chinese. The name does not mean 1,000 kilograms!
The shop is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm but closed on Wednesdays. Seating is quite limited but it should be fine as long as you avoid lunch hours.
The signature dish at Mama One Ton Mee is obviously wantan mee. In fact, there are several variants of wantan mee itself. Even spicy or herbal versions are also available.
Besides wantan mee, Shanghai (thick) noodles, rice meals and side orders are also available.
I placed an order of the Signature One Ton Mee (招牌云吞面, RM3.50), a bowl of Fresh Prawn One Ton Soup (鲜虾云吞汤, RM5.50) and a glass of Pat Poh (八宝, RM1.30).
The Signature One Ton Mee is delicious dish. The wantan noodles are handmade, which explains the springy and fine texture. As I requested for the dry version, the wantan noodles are drained dry and then tossed with black sauce (made of oyster and soy sauce).
Other delicacies on the Signature One Ton Mee are several nice slices of barbecued pork (叉烧), a piece of pork wantan (云吞) and some choy sum (菜心) vegetable leaves. The barbecued pork is reasonably tender and pleasant to my taste buds. The pork wantan is quite delectable too, but there is only one piece for me to enjoy.
Wantan mee is usually enjoyed with some sliced green chili. However, the green chili here is quite dry and does not really help. I prefer the fresh juicy type with the seeds mostly removed.
The bowl of Fresh Prawn One Ton Soup (鲜虾云吞汤, RM5.50) comes with five pieces of prawn wantan (鲜虾云吞) served in clear soup with choy sum and scallion (葱).
The prawn wantan is a real treat! Each piece contains a whole prawn wrapped in soft dough skin. The orange-colored prawn is vaguely visible through the translucent skin. The taste of prawn wantan is very addictive especially when served hot.
As for the hot glass of Pat Poh drink, the herbal taste is modestly strong, quite the way I like it.
The owner of Mama One Ton Mee is quite friendly and welcoming. Although the price has increased recently (menu is not updated yet), the food here is still reasonably affordable.