Million Loh Mee

The original Million Loh Mee (卤面专卖店) outlet is located in Farlim, a short distance from Alliance Bank. This family-owned business is famous for Loh Mee, roughly translated as "braised noodles".
For my lunch, I had a large bowl of Chicken Feet Loh Mee (五香鸡脚卤面, RM4.80). In addition, I made add-on for a portion of Stewed Pork Legs (香焖猪脚, RM2.00).
Loh Mee is characterized by the thick dark gravy rich in meaty flavor. The stew is thickened with the use of corn starch, making it very "heavy" to the stomach. This is why a decent bowl of Loh Mee is so surfeiting.

Usually Loh Mee is eaten with meehoon mee (米粉面), which means a mixture of rice vermicelli (米粉) and yellow noodles (面). This is indeed my choice today. Nevertheless, the shop also offers other options such as koay teow (粿条), bee tai bak (米台目) and Maggi mee (金旦面) should you prefer so.
The bowl contains several thin meat slices (肉片) which I feel is reasonably good. There is also some braised chicken feet (卤鸡脚), but there is little meat and I don't think it really helps in terms of flavor. Other ingredients in the gravy are a braised egg (卤蛋), pork lard (猪油渣), bean sprouts (豆芽) and fried onions. In particular, I like the use of pork lard as it gives a delightful appeal to the dish.

The Stewed Pork Legs has been added to the Loh Mee. The delectable "three-layer meat" is nice, but one needs to remember not to over-indulge as it is fattening.
In addition, there are also several pieces of lean pork. Despite the large size, the pork has been stewed long enough that it is soft and easy to chew. Tastes delicious too!
For drinks, I had a glass of warm Teik Chea (马蹄竹蔗, RM1.40). This is a drink made from water chestnut and sugar cane.
Overall, I find the food taste here is highly recommended. Million Loh Mee truly lives up to its name.

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