My Hainan Chicken Rice

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Restoran My Hainan Chicken Rice (蒸炸海南鸡饭) is a chicken rice shop at the west wing of D'Piazza. It is just several shop units away from House of Kolomee.
There are several types of chicken dishes available, such as steamed or fried chicken, as well as flavored chicken dishes like turmeric (kunyit) and green curry. Some side orders are also available. This restaurant is pork-free.
As always, I usually return to basics when I visit a restaurant for the first time. Therefore, I ordered the Set A (RM5.70) which comprises of a serving of Steam Chicken, a plate of Chicken Rice, a bowl of soup, and a choice of beverage. In addition, I included a small serving of Small Pok Choi and Chicken Liver to a more fulfilling meal.
Starting with the Steam Chicken, the chicken flesh is quite tender and smooth. Taste-wise, the chicken is very flavorful with every bite. The dish is served with some cucumber slices and flavored with fried garlic, scallions (spring onions) and soy sauce. It is surprisingly nice dish despite its simplicity.
The Chicken Liver (RM2.00) is another commendable dish. The liver is soft and delightfully savory when eaten. The serving portion is quite substantial too.
As for the Small Pok Choi (小白菜, RM3.00), the vegetable is nice and juicy. Although plain in taste, the accompanying soy sauce does its job to suit my palate.
The Chicken Rice is fragrant with flavorful chicken essence. It is not too oily like those served in some places.
The soup is just clear soup with some diced radishes and scallions. It is not too salty and serves as counter-balance to the mostly-dry meal so far.
As for the drinks, I opted for a glass of cold Pat Poh (八宝) herbal tea.
Since the chicken meat and liver are so flavorful, I did not really need to use the chili sauce during my meal. Anyway, the chili sauce is not really nice because it is slightly dilute and feels cold. This is probably was just taken out of the refrigerator.
I walked in this restaurant without knowing what to expect, but it turns out that the food here is quite satisfying. The price is quite reasonable too. It is certainly worth coming back to My Hainan Chicken Rice for more, especially to try the other types of chicken dishes.