Along the heritage-area neighborhood of Bishop Street (Lebuh Bishop) is a cozy cafe called Myarte. It is located next to the Ko Chai Lai Vegetarian Restaurant and across of the street from UOB Bank.
Myarte is a coffee-based eatery with a small selection of breakfast, sandwiches, pastry and lunch meals.
I opted for the Set Lunch (RM16.80), specifically the Irish Lamb Stew. A choice of beverage is included, which I selected Caffѐ Americano.
The Irish Lamb Stew includes a heap of rice and a slice of garlic bread. In particular, the garlic break is crisp and light on the mouth. However, the garlic flavor is rather mild. I usually prefer stronger flavor in my garlic bread.
As for the lamb stew itself, I am surely impressed with how it tastes. The lamb ribs have softened to a degree where the meat peels off the bones with ease. The stew itself is very rich in flavor, yielding a gratifying sensation while consumed with the rice. I must have cleaned every single bone to very last edible bit (marrow inclusive). In addition to the stew are several cuts of potatoes that have absorbed the savory goodness of the stew itself.
Caffѐ Americano differs from drip coffee in the sense that the former is prepared by mixing hot water with espresso, instead of allowing water to seep through ground coffee slowly as in the latter. I find that the Caffѐ Americano is not as strong as I hoped for, as it is slightly watery (too much water compared to espresso). I usually shy away from using creamers, but I have to make an exception here.
Nevertheless, the beverage is quite smooth with every sip. I like the bitter aftertaste after the cup empties up.

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