Rockstarz Burger

Rockstarz Burger is creating a stir in the burger business recently. Several new locations have opened throughout Penang island (Air Itam, Sungai Pinang, Sungai Dua), which are stand-alone food stalls. The flagship outlet is a shop in Sungai Ara, which is where I visited for supper tonight.
There are several types of burgers available; the choices mostly differ in terms of dressing. There are chicken and beef patties to choose from. As this burger stall is rock-themed, the single patty burger is called "Soft Rock", double patty called "Hard Rock", and triple patty called "Heavy Metal". How creative is this?

The grilling and burger preparation are done right in front of the shop. Many customers prefer to dine on the curb across the street, but there are also several dining tables in the shop if you prefer indoor dining.
My supper is the Bacon & Roses Heavy Metal (RM10.35). This magnificent burger is the meal of choice of a true hardcore rocker.
The alternating stack of three meat patties, three slices of chicken bacon, and three slices of cheese make the sesame buns look puny in comparison. This is obviously a carnivore's paradise.
For the meat patties, I had a chicken and two beef patties. Yes, you are allowed to mix if you order more than one. If I need to choose in between, I have some difficulty because both chicken and beef are equally mouth-watering. The chicken is more tender and smoother in texture, whereas the beef is looser in texture (since the minced beef patty is shaped by hand) and richer in flavor.
The chicken bacon slices are also succulent to say the least. Their taste may be overwhelmed by the patties (especially the beef), so you may need to tear off a piece to really taste it on its own. The cheese slices are slightly deformed due to contact with the sizzling patties and bacon, but you can never go wrong with this.
Be forewarned that the burger is heavily infused with ground black pepper. If you are impatient to get the first bite (like me), you may get a sudden itching cough in your throat (like me). In addition, the burger is loaded and overflowing with mayonnaise and barbecue sauce. Be prepared to get your hands and lips dirty; there is no other way to enjoy a good burger!
Rockstarz Burger opens from 8:00pm till 1:00am. It is a popular hangout spot for youngsters. You can tell because the grilling doesn't stop till the stall closes.

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