Roti Bakar Kafe

Roti Bakar Kafe is a small eatery in All Seasons Place, serving local favorite rice and noodle dishes.
The store concept at Roti Bakar Kafe is similar in look and feel as OldTown White Coffee, except that you hardly see foreign workers at the former.
My meal of choice is the Set Meal D (RM14.90). This set comprises of Nasi Rendang Chicken, Borsch Soup, Iced Soya Grass Jelly and some fruit.
The rendang chicken is done quite well. The chicken is reasonably tender and easy to chew. The chicken is drenched with thick rendang (Malay curry), which is rich in coconut milk and spices. To me, the rendang is not too spicy, so I think it should be just fine for most people.
The chicken is served with a heap of pandan-flavored rice (giving it a greenish color and leafy fragrance), boiled egg, anchovies, roasted peanuts, cucumber and sambal (shrimp paste chili). The sambal has a strong spicy wallop, so go easy with it!
The Borsch Soup is made primarily with tomato. The soup also contains several cuts of potatoes, carrots, onions and Pascal celery. It is slightly sour in taste, which gives it an appetizing boost to the meal. Interestingly, the original Eastern European version of Borsch Soup is made using beetroot, but beetroot is not commonly consumed in Asia.
The Iced Soya Grass Jelly is just soya milk with some cincau (grass jelly), a drink commonly found in many hawker centers. This glass of Iced Soya Grass Jelly is slightly diluted and lacks the milky flavor.
For the fruit, it is just two slices of watermelon.
Overall, the food at Roti Bakar Kafe is just normal and nothing really to shout about. The price is not particularly attractive compared to its competitors.

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