The Mugshot

Getting a police mugshot isn't a good thing, unless it is taken at The Mugshot. I am referring to an interesting eatery on Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia) in George Town, next to the Rainforest Bakery.
This tongue-in-cheek café even has a mock height chart and placard for mugshot photo opportunities. On the placard, just write your name, height (an actual mugshot will have the weight written instead, as height is already available from the height chart), date of "arrest" and charge. Use your imagination for the last one.
The Mugshot and its adjacent Rainforest Bakery are housed in an old pre-war three-storey building. Common in those days before the advent of air-conditioning, vertical air wells are used to ventilate the interior of a large building.
Due to its proximity to several popular guesthouses, The Mugshot is patronized by many foreigners and a handful of locals alike. The staff here are very friendly. You really have to give them credit for turning this place into a welcoming hangout spot.
At the front counter, the menu offers a reasonable selection of coffee, tea, yogurt and bagel muffins. Of interesting note is a miniature wood-fired oven on the side (with an exhaust duct which goes all the way to the top of the air well).
Whereas at the far rear of the café, another counter called "Früte Dose" specializes in fruit juices and yogurt shakes.
I ordered myself a Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bagel Muffin and a glass of Jackfruit Yogurt Shake.
The Cream Cheese & Smoked Salmon Bagel Muffin (RM10.00) is such a scrumptious treat which will bring any Iron Chef to his knees. Perhaps I am exaggerating a little here, but you will see my point.

The bagel itself is freshly baked in the miniature oven, still warm and soft in texture. To give the bagel a delectable flavor, black poppy seeds are densely showered over the pastry before baking. Yes, the seeds from the same plant which produces drug opium, though absolutely legal. If you feel guilty for any reason whatsoever, please get yourself a nice mugshot.
Sandwiched between the bagel slices are two mouth-watering cuts of smoked salmon. The mere sight of the devilish orange flesh is enough to make my mouth drool, nearly embarrassing myself in the face of a party of foreign tourists. The salmon cuts are pleasantly fatty, giving it a smooth and oily texture. Despite its saltiness, the taste is effectively neutralized by the delightful bagel slices. In addition, the generous spread of cream cheese adds moisture and gives a mint sour twist to this wonderful bagel meal.
Also deserving a proper citation is the Jackfruit Yogurt Shake (RM13.00) from the Früte Dose counter at the rear. The yogurt is very rich in jackfruit taste and has a very thick consistency, adding substance to just a mere "drink". The cool, fruity sensation serves as the perfect refreshment in the hot tropical weather.
Right on top of the yogurt shake are jackfruit chunks for added flavor. The sensation of slurping small jackfruit pieces while consuming this thick cordial drink is just heavenly to say the very least.
In case you like to wander around aimlessly, be advised that certain sections of the café are out of bounds to customers. Trespassers are warned that they may be "violated" for non-compliance.
In case you are wondering what crime am I charged with for the mugshot photo? For not having an ounce of caffeine for my brunch today, I am being arrested for "Contempt of Coffee".

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