The Twelve Cups

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

The Whiteaways Arcade is a colonial-era building standing along Beach Street (Lebuh Pantai). The structure has been restored several years ago and now hosts a handful of interesting eateries such as The Twelve Cups, which is the destination of choice today.
The Twelve Cups is reminiscent of Starbucks and Coffee Bean: A menu of coffee, tea and non-caffeinated beverages with decent selection of pastries, cozy and relaxing atmosphere, and Wi-Fi availability. Located strategically in George Town's heritage area, the café is frequented by foreigners and locals alike.
I picked a good spot for my afternoon pastime today. Scores of customers came and left throughout the day, but this did not border me any little bit.
I started with a Croissant (RM5.90) and it turns out to be one of the nicest pastry I tasted of late. The Croissant is buttery in terms of taste and fragrance, and the butter spread just makes it more irresistible. The dough is fluffy and soft on the inside, while the crust has a lovely crisp to each bite.
The Caramel Latte Ice Blended (RM12.90) is a nice beverage to enjoy. The foamy topping of the coffee is foremost welcoming. In addition, the milky composition and smooth texture make the drink a wonderful concoction of caffeine. Curiously, the glass is considerably small and insufficient for extended consumption. It would have been nice if a large-size version is available for customers who like to stretch it out.
To satisfy my sweet tooth, I requested for a slice of Hokkaido Chocolate Mille Crêpe (RM10.50). Literally meaning "thousand curls", a mille crêpe is a French-inspired cake made multiple layers of "pancakes" (crêpe).
In this case, the Hokkaido Chocolate Mille Crêpe is made numerous layers of chiffon cake stacked on top of one another. The layering is intermittently punctuated with whipped cream and red beans. The cake is finally topped with sprinkles of white chocolate chips. The cake is soft as cotton and very easy on the mouth. The dessert carries a sweet sensation which lasts well after the meal.
The Twelve Cups is a nice alternative to Starbucks or Coffee Bean for a change. The coffee is subjectively on par with those international brands, but the opportunity to relax in a heritage-area café is always an added bonus.

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