Gong Cha

Gong Cha (贡茶) is one of the many Taiwanese milk tea franchises that sprouted around the globe in recent years. Unlike Chatime which originated in Hsinchu (新竹), Gong Cha hails from the city of Kaohsiung (高雄).
The name "Gong Cha" means "tribute tea". During Imperial China, it is common for each province to offer prized tea as tribute to the Emperor of China. Obviously, only the best of the best tea from each province is worthy of the Emperor's enjoyment.

The only Gong Cha outlet in Penang is located at the Lower-Ground level of Gurney Plaza. As it is still within the Chinese New Year season, there is a Double Happiness promotion on offer.
This promotion is a set of two drinks for RM8.80. The two drinks have been fixed: Gong Cha Signature Winter Melon Tea and Milk Tea With Oreo Crumbs
Gong Cha Signature Winter Melon Tea (奶盖冬瓜茶) is a winter melon tea with a layer of milk foam on top. The milk foam distinguishes itself with a nice sour twist, much to my delight. Despite the fact that I explicitly asked for half-sweetness, the drink is still way too sweet than what I am comfortable with.
The taste of Milk Tea With Oreo Crumbs (奧利奧奶茶) is more acceptable. This drink is also quite sweet, but I think this is acceptable for milk tea. However, the Oreo crumbs are not well blended with the drink, causing large residual chunks in the end.
Overall, the drinks at Gong Cha is decent, but its definition of "sweetness" needs to be properly defined.

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