The newest KFC outlet in Penang is the one at Green Lane (Jalan Masjid Negeri) near the flyover across Jalan Air Itam. A large billboard in front makes this outlet a catchy landmark. I believe the opening of this KFC outlet is to apply pressure to the McDonald's outlet across the road. However, I feel that the former's location and accessibility are inferior compared to the latter.
Like the one at Jalan Larut, this KFC outlet occupies a large bungalow building. The stand-alone structure allows the store to operate 24-hours drive-thru business. The building has two floors and includes a large indoor playground. However, the upper floor is only partially furnished and not really used. Parking is extremely limited compared to the large scale of this outlet; I think this is another aspect where KFC loses to the neighboring McDonald's outlet.
My main reason here is to try KFC's Golden Wrap Chicken (RM9.95) which has been advertised so heavily recently. From my past experience, seasonal offers from KFC do not fare well among the Malaysian populace. Therefore, I do not have any high expectation for this either. I just need to satisfy my curiosity regardless how the trip eventually turns out.
This meal comprises of two pieces of grilled chicken and a large cup of carbonated drink. For additional RM1.50, there is an extra butterscotch bun and a serving of whipped potato.

My first impression of the grilled chicken is the ridiculously small size. It is served in transparent plastic wrap and accompanied by some sliced mushrooms. The overall sensation of the chicken is extremely oily; even more so than fried chicken!
The grilled chicken is seasoned with New Orleans spices. Although the outer layer is moderately spicy, the inner meat is virtually tasteless. To make matters worse, the mushroom slices are dry and tough, as if they were not cooked at all! The Golden Wrap Chicken is a total disaster; does KFC test new recipes before rolling them out?
Nothing much can be said about the whipped potato, but a saving grace lies with the butterscotch bun. Unlike the usual buns served with Snack Plate or Dinner Plate, this butterscotch bun is soft and moist, a clear hallmark of freshness.
This KFC outlet is obviously overstaffed but the employees are poorly trained. Many servers at the cash registers are unfamiliar with the menu. Being a new outlet is not an excuse for such shabby performance. Training should be done upfront before the store opens, not on-the-job when dealing with paying customers.

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