Middle Eastern Restaurant

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Keeping in mind of the favorable experience during my previous visit, I returned to Middle Eastern Restaurant (مطعم الشرق الأوس) again for dinner.
Nothing has changed much since my previous visit. Like other eateries in Ivory Plaza, the dining section is quite small. However, outside dining is available in the evening when the sun has set.
My appetizer today is a serving of Homus (حمّص, RM5.00), a dipping spread made from mashed chickpeas. A drizzle of sesame oil gives a nice aroma to this dish. Homus is usually eaten with pita, a Mediterranean-style flatbread which is rough in texture. The airy feeling of the pita bread makes it the perfect match to the Homus dip.
The main dish of my feast is the Tashrib Lamb (RM12.00). Tashrib is made from multiple layers of naan flatbread and served with sauce. In this case, the sauce is lamb stew gravy. Freshly-squeezed lime juice gives the naan an appetizing taste to begin with. Two juicy slices of tomatoes serve to compensate the fact that this dish is quite dry beyond the first few layers.
Just like the Doleymiyeh Lamb during my previous visit, the two pieces of lamb are quite large and savory in taste. As the lamb has been stewed thoroughly, the flesh is tender to chew with minimal effort.
As the naan layers get drier towards the bottom of the bowl, two types of gravy are provided to remedy the situation.

The soup is made from chicken stock and has an eggy, creamy consistency. This yellow gravy contains mixed vegetables such as corn, green peas and carrots.
The other gravy is made from curry which is not too spicy for me. In fact, it has a mild sourish flavor which works well to ignite my appetite. I still prefer it to be thicker and stronger in flavor.
My beverage is a bottle of pineapple-flavored Barbican (RM3.00). Similar to the pomegranate-flavored version during my prior visit, this non-alcoholic carbonated drink has a tangy flavor which is ideal to quench my thirst. I wonder whether this brand of drinks is available in our local supermarkets?
My dinner today is quite satisfying, yet I averted the frequent side effect of burning a large hole in my wallet. Middle Eastern Restaurant is certainly a nice eatery worthwhile to patronize regularly.

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