Middle Eastern Restaurant

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

What my previous 3 visits (see here, here and here) to Middle Eastern Restaurant (مطعم الشرق الأوس) confirms my liking for Arabic and Iranian food. Today's dinner craving brings me back to this little food establishment at Plaza Ivory.
Today, I decided to try the Mix Kebab (RM14.00) for a change. This is a plate of meat skewers served with rice and curry.
There are three types of meat skewers: beef, chicken and lamb. The beef kebab is OK in flavor, but the chicken version is quite dry and lacks the same level of tastiness. However, I particularly love the scrumptious flavor of lamb kebab; the mutton is well marinated and quite tender.
The curry is slightly sour and works well with basmati rice. If it were not for the curry, the rice would have been plain and dry.
A complimentary bowl of soup is served with each à la carte dish. This yellow-colored soup is made of chicken stock. It has an appetizing rich flavor but I wonder whether monosodium glutamate (MSG) is added.
I requested a Meat Shawarma (RM6.00) for my side order. This shawarma (شاورما‎) is made from beef (from a spit oven), cabbage, carrots, cucumber and mayonnaise, all wrapped tightly in pita bread. I think the shawarma can use more mayonnaise because it is quite dry. Taste-wise, I find this snack quite pleasant.
Today's dinner is quite satisfying to my palate. The price is also quite reasonable when compared to the serving sizes. This is certainly a place that I can patronize regularly.

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