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Pizza Hut's Wow Savers is back! In case you are not aware, Pizza Hut has been promoting this offer for the past several years. The Wow Savers promotion gives 50% discount for any item on the special menu. For each day of the week, 2 or 3 items will be featured. The discount only applies to one item per customer.

The Farlim outlet is my destination today. It is adjacent to CAB Western Food and next to the open field.
This outlet is reasonably well managed. Tables, chairs and silverware are arranged neatly.
I specifically visited today because the Favourites Platter is featured on Saturdays. The usual price of RM24.90 is slashed down to RM12.45. This is a good deal if you ask me.
Among all items on this Favorites Platter, the Mexican Chicken Rolls are my favorite by far. Each roll is made in burrito style, then deep-fried so that the coating is crispy. The roll fillings are shredded chicken, chicken pepperoni, kidney beans, corn and capsium.
The Spicy Chicken Fingers are quite "solid" with real chicken meat, but I find them too dry for comfort. The fingers are quite tasteless too; this is where the cool lime dressing comes handy.
I find the New Orleans Drumettes quite satisfying too. The lovely BBQ sauce makes the drumsticks very appetizing.
As for the Garlic Bread, I wish Pizza Hut uses more garlic butter for more flavor. I do not mind stronger garlic pungency.
Some diced-tomato salsa and cool lime dressing are provided as dips for finger food.
The dips are particularly useful for the cucumber and carrot sticks.
Overall, Pizza Hut's Favorites Platter is quite satiating for an individual meal. If you want to try it, do take advantage of the Wow Savers promotion during Saturdays.

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