Pusat Makanan 3288

Pusat Makanan 3288 (3288茶餐室) is a typical hawker center in Farlim. Although there are only a few parking spaces inside the compound, parking is not really a problem because the place is quite deserted anyway. Perhaps deserted for a good reason.
There are only a small handful of stalls open during the evening. The Nasi Kandar Kampung Melayu stall is perhaps the only decent one, in my opinion. Basically, it is a typical nasi kandar stall similar to Nasi Kandar Kayu or Nasi Kandar Pelita.
My dinner consists of a serving of lamb curry stew, fried cabbage and a piece of fried egg with onion. As usual, the gravy is drench in "banjir" (flooding) style. The taste is just moderate, but I dislike the more-than-necessary degree of oiliness.
This plate of rice with dishes costs RM8.20. In terms of affordability, this stall is similar to other nasi kandar shops. But those businesses have proper shops, some even air-conditioned and feature large-screen TVs for on-going soccer matches. Therefore, I do not think that this is a stall which I will visit again in the near future (or at all).
Cleanliness of this hawker center leaves much to be desired. Dirty plates are left uncollected, and houseflies are a nuisance.

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