Roti Canai Beratur

Roti Canai Beratur is one of the most affordable Malay stall in KL. The eatery is located beside the apartment blocks on Jalan Meranti, Setapak.

The Roti Canai Beratur stall is named so because there is a queue in front of the roti canai counter, which can become long around 9:00am. This is not because the production is slow; as a matter of fact, there are 4 people dedicated to prepare roti canai alone. Rather, the reason is because nearly every customer only has roti canai in mind.

What's so special about the roti canai, you may ask?

The dough of Roti Canai (RM1.00 each) has nice starchy texture and quite fluffy. The fluffiness is due to dough tossing during the preparation process, similar to how pizza dough is prepared. Despite the thick size, the roti canai here does not use more oil than usual.
As you can see, the dough is very thick! Almost 1.5X larger than the ones from other stalls. For RM1.00, the price itself is a bargain!
There are two types of gravy: yellow peas and chicken curry. Both types of gravy are available self-service and free-flow. Thick in consistency and rich in ingredients, the gravies are enjoyable in their own right. Particularly for the chicken curry, I attempted to scoop from the lower part of the pot for more meat.
For drinks, we had some Teh Tarik (RM1.20). The milk is sweeter than what I like, but this level of sweetness is typical in Malay stalls.
Besides roti canai, other available dishes are nasi lemak and assorted varieties of kuih. We did not try any of these because they do not look as appealing as the roti canai. Evidently, nearly every customer has the eyes fixed on the roti canai exclusively.

The roti canai at Roti Canai Beratur definitely has value for money. Surprisingly the price remains unchanged despite the recent price hike everywhere else.


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