Victoria Sweet Pastry

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Victoria Sweet Pastry is a café in Vantage Desiran Tanjung in Tanjung Tokong. This café specializes in cakes and other types of confectionery.
The atmosphere of this place is quite relaxing and refined. Cozy couches provide ideal spots for a lazy afternoon tea. Nevertheless, the flow of customers is non-stop throughout the entire day.
For our tea break, we requested for the Afternoon Tea Set which is sufficient for two persons. As common with English tea, the food is served in tiered trays.
It is customary to start from the top layer. This upper tray consists of the cake of the day (Cheese Cake), Butter Cake, Dark Chocolate Cake, Mini Tart, Cream Puff, Parfait, Cookies and Strawberries.
The Cheese Cake is a nice dessert. The rich, creamy texture is heavenly to every bite.
We are also pleasantly surprised that the Cookies are aromatic and delightful to our liking.

The Butter Cake and Dark Chocolate Cake are nice too. These cakes are not as creamy as others, but they serve the opportunity to demonstrate bolder flavors of butter and cocoa respectively.
The Parfait is served in a small glass cup. The bottom is filled with cookie crumble, followed by strawberries and blueberries, and finally whipped cream.
Moving to the lower tier, this layer contains the more "bread" items, such as Mini Sandwich, Open-faced Baguette, Scone and Mini Canapé.
There are two types of Mini Sandwich: tuna or ham. It is difficult to pick a favorite because we really like both.

The Scone is meant to be eaten with the butter and blueberry jam provided. I love how well the flavors blend together.
The Mini Canapé are basically baked cookies topped with lettuce leaves and salad dressing.

As for drinks, we opted for the Rosehip Tea which is served in a petite glass teapot. The tea has nice floral aroma and delightful fruity taste. Although the tea is mildly sour especially during the first pour, we enjoyed it very much.
Although the pricing at Victoria Sweet Pastry is higher than an Average Joe pastry café, I find the food quality here to be higher at a different level. The overall experience here is unblemished except for the occasional noise of blender which kills the relaxing ambience. I will probably be back, but not that soon.

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