After the unpleasant experience at the new Green Lane outlet, I was contacted by KFC who apologized for the incident and offered to make up for it.
I met the KFC representatives at the same outlet. Mr. Aiman is the one of the two regional managers in Penang, while Mr. Fauzi is the branch manager. Both men are friendly and customer-oriented, making this meeting a pleasant one.
Mr. Aiman acknowledged that my order of Golden Wrap Chicken was poorly prepared due to unfamiliar staff at this new outlet. Indeed, I see significant improvement within a short span of three weeks.

The promotional period of Golden Wrap Chicken is over, so I am not able to try a properly-prepared one. Instead, Mr. Fauzi offered to let me try the new Zinger Reloaded which just hit the stores a fortnight ago.
Zinger Reloaded (RM8.00) is KFC's latest burger sandwich. A piece of spicy, deboned chicken fillet, similar in taste to the Hot & Spicy recipe of fried chicken, is sandwiched between two pieces of oblong sandwich bread. The bread is light in texture, quite delectable on its own.
In addition, onion rings and lettuce serve to negate the spicy, meaty chicken. The dressing used resembles sweet tartar sauce, which I think is a reasonable choice here.
Overall, the sandwich is quite satisfactory as light snack, although it is far from qualifying as a proper meal. I think it appeals to the younger demographics who seek to snack between meals.

Most importantly, today's meal invitation reflects how seriously KFC handles customer-satisfaction concerns. Honestly, I was not expecting any response from KFC, but its professional management proved me wrong today. Kudos!

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