Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee

Lorong Seratus Tahun Curry Mee (百年路咖喱面) is one of the long timers in the curry mee business. The stall is located at Khuan Pin Hotel (环滨旅社), right around the corner of Lorong Seratus Tahun and Lebuh Naning in George Town.
I ordered a large bowl of Curry Mee (咖喱面, RM5.00). This is not the usual white curry served in many Penang stalls. Before any chili is added, the curry is already brownish in color.
Sambal belacan (dried shrimp chili) is provided separately in a small bowl, so feel free to add as much per your liking.
I personally prefer my curry mee to be a mixture of rice vermicelli (米粉) and yellow noodles (黄面). The rice vermicelli serves to soak the rich curry broth, while yellow noodle provides more "solid" substance to the dish. This stall is also quite generous with the amount of bean curd puff (豆腐卜). The bean curd serves to soak some broth along the way.
One of my favorite ingredients in this dish is coagulated pork blood (猪血). The jelly-like cubes are just irresistible for me. I know some people shy away from pork blood. All I can say is that I feel sorry that they missed such a wonderful delicacy.
A number of seafood ingredients are added to give the curry mee more value and flavoring. There are several medium-sized shrimps, cockles (蚶) and squid.
After mixing a spoonful of sambal belacan thoroughly to the bowl, the curry turns fiery red. I have decent tolerance to spiciness, so this is not a problem for me. What's more important is that the broth is very savory with every sip into my mouth. The noodles and individual ingredients are also compatible with broth, making this a really gratifying curry mee experience!

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