Purple-Houze Café

Special thanks to Purple-Houze Café for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

To a food blogger, the rite of passage is usually his/her first food review invitation. I am glad that mine has finally occurred! This honor comes from Purple-Houze Café at Lorong Selamat, the same place which I recently visited a month ago. I am fortunate to have a chat with Felicia, one of the proprietors of this restaurant, who is very passionate in running the business.
As the name implies, purple is the main theme of this eatery. Unlike my previous visit, the interior design of Purple-Houze Café is now more elaborate. There are more touch-ups to be done in the near future, but the place is already much more presentable and comfortable. Ambient pop music in the background gives a lively yet relaxing atmosphere. Whether the intention is to have a proper meal or simply to hang out with friends for drinks, Purple-Houze Café offers quite a cozy environment.
Besides managing the restaurant's daily operations, Felicia is also responsible for most of the creative artwork scattered throughout the dining area. On each dining table, a petite-looking ornament simultaneously provides table numbering, serves as a business card holder, and becomes a scented candlelight holder during dinner time. Try beating this handicrafted trinket in terms of multi-functionality!
Apart from new purple window curtains and an activity board, there is also an elaborate hand-painted floral drawing on the floor which extends from the restaurant entrance all the way to the kitchen in the rear.
Although there are sufficient air-conditioner units installed, the dining area may be quite warm especially during this on-going heat wave. Although an air curtain is used, the wide opening at the entrance which reduces the effectiveness of air-conditioning. To rectify the situation, I am told that glass panels will be installed in a week or two.

For visitors who cannot stay away from the Internet world for even a split second, Wi-Fi connectivity is available at Purple-Houze Café. Other customers who prefer more social interaction with friends can entertain themselves with a handful of card and board games provided here.

As Felicia's personal favorite dish and per her recommendation, I sampled a serving of Red Sauce Spaghetti (RM9.90). The first impression of this dish is the large serving size! This is easily 30%-40% more than what you get in other restaurants at similar price. I failed to notice this fact because my previous meal here was the Purple-Houze Special Cheezy, an omelette which is difficult to be served in jumbo size.
The spaghetti in this dish is cooked to the right degree of firmness without appearing too soggy or sticky. The pasta is served with meat sauce which is made from fresh tomato purée, minced meat, chopped carrots and other seasoning. More solid ingredients on top the spaghetti are sliced sausages, crab sticks, minced meat, carrot slices, grated cheese and a dash mint leaves. Fresh slices of tomato and cucumber are served on the side to retain their juiciness.

Perhaps the main highlight of this pasta dish are the three large, succulent meatballs. Made in-house, the savory meatballs are made from minced meat enriched with chicken stock. Deep-frying gives these scrumptious devils a golden crisp on the outside.
Due to the large size, the interior of each meatball remains dry and plainer compared to the outer layer. I suggest adding some kind of filling (for example a lump of cheese) at the center of each meatball to give it a more appetizing appeal.

My beverage of selection is a hot brew of Mocha personally prepared by Felicia. Served in a bistro-style cup, the foam layer on top is the stage for creative coffee art. The coffee is reasonably rich in flavor, yet still smooth to give a pleasurable enjoyment. I like the delightful bitter aftertaste after each sip; the sensation is simply heavenly.
Personally, I think the proportion of milk to espresso is higher than it should, making the beverage more milky and resembles Latte instead. I prefer stronger coffee and richer chocolate flavor with the Mocha.

Purple-Houze Café offers a reasonable selection of noodle and fusion-style dishes, as well as an interesting variety of beverages. Customers who prefer something lighter can opt for desserts such as mille crêpe and puddings. Dessert choices are still limited as the café is only 2 months old, but more varieties are expected to be introduced depending on popular demand.
On weekdays, lunch set promotion (RM11.90) is available between 11:00am and 2:30pm. The meal consists of a main course and a beverage from the selected menu. As icing on the cake, a daily-rotating special dish is available for RM9.90 instead. Considering the food portion, Purple-Houze Café is one of the best place to stretch your dollar.
The color purple is not restricted to the theme of this eatery. Each Friday is declared "Purple Day". Customers who come in something purple (any attire and accessories will do) are entitled 25% discount from regular menu price. This offer runs for the entire day.

Last but not least, members of a selected Facebook group also qualify for 20% discount for minimum spending of RM30.00. Wi-Fi connection is available, so it is easy to prove membership as long as you have a smartphone or tablet.
My overall verdict of Purple-Houze Café is its quality food and value-for-money. Considering the menu price, the portions are significantly larger than those served at similar food establishments.

Unlike some restaurants, the pictures illustrated in the food menu here are true representations of the actual serving size. This is a thinly-veiled swipe at some eateries where the menu says "pictures are for illustration purpose only". If the pictures are not meant to reflect reality, what are they meant to illustrate? Purple-Houze Café has a no-nonsense policy to this kind of business gimmick.

Name: Purple-Houze Café
Address: 97, Lorong Selamat, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 012-903-2577
Business hours: 11:00am-12:00am
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Purple-houze/210211795834859
Coordinates: 5.41726 N, 100.32509 E
Directions: Lorong Selamat is a one-way street. The restaurant is roughly one-third down the road from Macalister Road (Jalan Macalister), located on the right side. There is only one purple building along the road, so it is virtually impossible to miss.


  1. Oh everything is purple here? Why the plates not purple? LOL! Looks like a nice cafe! And yes, I agree that pictures of the food must reflect reality and not for illustration purposes only : )

    1. Thanks for visiting. :-)

      I am not sure about purple plates. It's something for the business owner to consider. :-)

  2. The business hours is 11am to 12am midnight or 11am to 12pm afternoon?

    1. You are right! It is till 12:00am midnight. Thanks for pointing out this mistake. :-)