US Pizza

US Pizza is somewhat our obsession recently. We headed to the Green Lane outlet today for a casual dinner meal. It was barely a fortnight ago since we last visited.
We decided to try something different today: Penang Special Crust Pizza (RM32.95). This is a large (13 inch) pizza with original hand-tossed crust.
The toppings of this pizza are tuna, anchovies, cayenne pepper (red pepper in powdered form), green peppers and onions. The overall taste is dominated by cayenne pepper. This is to the extent that the pepper induces choking if we are not careful. Perhaps US Pizza wants to associate the toppings of this pizza to Penang's historical role as a tropical spice distribution center.
In any case, we do not enjoy this pizza. We still prefer "mainstream" pizza toppings like pepperoni, chicken and pineapples.
We also ordered a serving of Crazi Garlic Twist (RM3.50) as our side order. 4 sticks of breadsticks are flavored with garlic butter then deep-fried to a nice snacking treat.
As we left, we notice that there is an anniversary special: Purchase one large pizza (RM32.95) and get a free regular pizza. This is only applicable for take-away and delivery. The second pizza must be selected from a list.

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