Western Kitchen

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

The former premises of El Mondo at Krystal Point has been replaced with The Western Kitchen. This new Western dining restaurant is owned by the same proprietors as My Voice Cafe at Bay Avenue.
I paid a visit to this place for lunch today, taking advantage of the attractive set lunch promotion on weekdays.
The dining area has not changed much since El Mondo. The most prominent similarity is the "brick wall" separating the dining section from the kitchen.
My lunch today is Set B (RM15.90) which begins with a bowl of Soup Of The Day. Today's chef choice is mushroom soup. The soup is reasonably flavorful with mushroom essence, but I prefer it to be creamier and less salty.
The main entrée in this set meal is Crispy Chicken Thigh With Herb Sauce. This poultry dish includes sides of French fries and garden salad. The portion is quite reasonable considering the price and atmosphere.
The piece of deboned chicken chop is deep-fried with a nice coating of crispy batter, scrumptious to my utmost delight. Underneath the skin is succulent flesh, just cooked to perfection. A lovely drench of herb sauce is gently poured on the top.
The French fries are cut into thick strips, something different for a change.
Garden salad is made from lettuce, tomatoes and green pepper. Barbecue sauce is used as dressing.
The drink which comes with the set meal is Lemon Tea. It is slightly sweeter than desired.
The waiting service at Western Kitchen is exceptionally professional. The ambience is also quite comforting. Considering the price of set lunch, I think this place is quite affordable.

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