The Wanderers Association Malaysia

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The Wanderers Association Malaysia (理大游子吟) is a non-profit organization founded in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) as a platform for musical composers and performers to pool their talents together. This association has been in existence for nearly half a generation. Several alumni have embarked on their professional careers in the music industry, composing songs on the international arena such as Jolin Tsai's 《桃花源》 and Stefanie Sun's 《180度》.

On 3 May 2014 evening, the association held its 25th Anniversary Concert (25周年庆典演唱会) at Dewan Sri Pinang. The slogan this year is "五五二十五", befitting name for its silver anniversary.
Ticket prices start from RM15.00 each. Pricing is based on zones, but the audience is free to choose any seats within the designated section.
Today's event is officiated Jeff Ooi (黄泉安), the sitting Member of Parliament for Jelutong, who is quite comfortable in playing the guitar as part of the opening ceremony.
There are over 20 musical performances throughout the nearly 4-hour concert. The sheer number of songs and wide musical genre make the ticket well-worth its price. The list of songs in sequence are:
1. 流浪幻想曲
2. 遗失传说
3. 燕尾服与波西米亚长裙
4. 蜕变
5. Fiona 的心
6. 全力以赴
7. 夜太黑
8. 我愿意
9. 鸵鸟
10. 今天天空什么颜色
11. Bossa California
12. 才女
13. The Key Of Love
14. 流行组曲 (非卖品, 听见, All The Wrong Places, 180度, 爱上未来的你, 桃花源)
15. 这世界
16. 倔强
17. 做我自己
18. 捕光捉影
19. Holiday
20. 蓝色忧郁
21. Simple Way Of Love
22. 孔子之歌
23. 告诉我
24. 爱的形状
25. 蓝色音符

The concert started with a four-person performance of 《流浪幻想曲》 by 钟佳昊, 陈镱嘉, 王绥贺 and 陈思晶.
Next is a classical-like song 《遗失传说》 presented by vocalists 袁凯健 and 王绥贺.
《燕尾服与波西米亚长裙》 is a duet by 郑卉娟 and 袁凯健, with 黄佳温 as the violinist and 司徒骏汶 at the piano.
A light-hearted song 《Fiona 的心》 as performed by 郑日雄 is quite catchy indeed.
Let your spirits fly high with the pop number 《全力以赴》 performed by 林秀璇.
This is followed by a sentimental solo performance of 《夜太黑》 by vocalist 张宴菁.
One of the most popular piece tonight is 《鸵鸟》 performed by the songbird 侯月娥.
Next up, the stage is set for 《The Key Of Love》 by a four-person band comprising of 林秀璇, 苏永升, 郑日雄 and 苏晨.
Stringing several popular song pieces together into a medley, remain captivated by a 10-minute performance by the quad 苏永升, 袁凯健, 侯月娥 and 林秀璇 as they sing the 《流行组曲》.
黄振耀 performs the song 《这世界》, which is an interesting mix of slow and fast verses.
《倔强》 is a rock song presented by the vocalist 王绥贺.
Imagine yourself at a worry-free vacation with the song 《Holiday》 by singer-composer 张宴菁, as her dancers perform around her while spinning beach umbrellas.
《蓝色忧郁》 is a jazz song with 李芊缘 as the vocalist and 郑元忠 as the pianist.
It is intriguing to use phrases from Analects (《论语》), quotations of Chinese philosopher Confucius, as the chorus of a pop song 《孔子之歌》. This interesting song is performed by 陈思晶.
Next, sit back and enjoy a lovely piece 《爱的形状》 presented by 李秋慧.
Throughout the concert, the professional team of emcees help to guide the flow of events. They speeches buy time for the background crew to set up the stage for the subsequent performance.
During interludes, there are a number of comedic sketches which captivated attention of the audience. The most hilarious one is the parody of The Three Stooges by a team of acting-talent trio.
Time really flies during the 4 hours of continuous entertainment. At the conclusion of the concert tonight, it is time to bid farewell and look forward to another smoothly-executed concert next year.
Name: The Wanderers Association Malaysia
Address: 71D-3-11, Jalan Sungai Dua, 11700 Gelugor, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-659-3399
Business hours: Not applicable
Coordinates: 5.35266 N, 100.30248 E
Directions: The association's activity center is at the row of shops directly opposite of USM's Sungai Dua entrance. It one block away from Kopitan Restaurant.

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