Angkiki Hot Pot

Special thanks to Angkiki Hot Pot for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Anson Park Food Court (安顺园饮食中心) used to be a popular hawker center several years back. However, many stalls have gradually migrated to another hawker center opposite KDU campus, making Anson Park quite deserted. It is a pity because Anson Park has a large parking area which makes it very convenient for customers.
Not all is lost, though. A new steamboat stall has spawned here recently, called Angkiki Hot Pot (红支支火锅). The proprietor is Chris who cordially invited several of us to his latest business venture. Chris used to operate a Thai restaurant at Batu Lanchang.
The menu at Angkiki Hot Pot is similar to most steamboat establishments: set menu with optional add-ons. Set menu is available for 2, 4 or 8 persons at RM48.00, RM68.00 and RM138.00 respectively. For a limited time till end of July, Angkiki Hot Pot offers introductory prices at RM29.00, RM49.00 and RM99.00 respectively. This is quite a bargain if you are an avid fan of steamboat!
There are three types of soup bases to choose for the steamboat: Clear Soup (鱼香清甜老火汤), Penang Nyonya Asam Pedas (槟城娘惹阿三汤) and Authentic Thai Tomyum (正宗泰式东炎汤). Each is priced at RM5.00 with unlimited refills. Or if you wish to try multiple flavors, ask for Yin Yong (鸳鸯) style for RM10.00. Our soup choices today are Clear Soup and Penang Nyonya Asam Pedas.
Clear Soup is the old-school crowd favorite. Starting plain initially, the soup becomes increasingly savory after several rounds of boiling with vegetables. Therefore, vegetables are naturally the first ingredients to go in the pot. By the end of our meal, the Clear Soup is so flavorful that it becomes a delicacy itself!

As for the Penang Nyonya Asam Pedas, this soup is a definitely must-try if you have formidable tolerance against spiciness. The soup yields a nice sourish sensation which I think is partially attributed to pineapple pieces. Overall, the Penang Nyonya Asam Pedas soup is delightfully tangy and pungent in flavor. I find that meat and seafood go well with this soup.

Here is a brief walkthrough of the ingredients in a set meal for 4 persons.

There are four large prawns (白虾) which is crunchy and mildly sweet, hallmark of well-sought freshness. Alongside are among my favorite "vegetables", enoki mushrooms (金针菇).
Next up, we have a platter of lovely scallops (扇贝) which only requires brief cooking. The pork meatballs (肉丸) are springy and delightful; we are certainly satisfied with them. Several slices of cuttlefish (鱿鱼) and squid (苏东) are thrown into the mix, as well as a heap of spinach (菠菜) on every plate.
Another commendable delicacy are the homemade fish balls (自制鱼丸), so juicy and lovable that we should order more for the next visit. Mushroom meatballs (蘑菇肉丸) are also special here, using black mushrooms caps with delightful portions of minced meat. The filament stick (蟹条) are acceptable, but we would have preferred something else given a choice.
Moving on to more goodies, we are treated with several pieces of fish maw (鱼鳔), pork skin (猪皮) and pork slices (猪肉片). Regardless which soup they are boiled in, I find them delicious nevertheless.
The set meal includes choices of either cooked rice or raw noodles such as tanghoon (冬粉).
Further extending his generosity, Chris offered us a complimentary sample of Deep Fried Bean Curd (炸豆干). These tasty little devils have irresistible crisp on the surface, while still retain some degree of softness in the middle.
As far as condiments are concerned, there are several types of homemade chili paste including my personal favorite Thai sweet sauce. One of them is tongue-numbing spicy, but I find the excitement quite worthwhile. Also provided are some fried garlic to give an appetizing aroma to the steamboat experience.
Why is Angkiki Hot Pot called "ang" (red)? "No reason at all", says Chris, "I just like the color red." Superstition or not, Angkiki Hot Pot has secured a steady pool of regulars and is gradually gaining positive publicity since it opened for business in May. I definitely recommend this place to steamboat lovers due to its special soup bases and attractive price.

Name: Angkiki Hot Pot
Address: Angkiki Food Court, 20, Jalan Anson, 10400 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 013-421-9191
Business hours: 6:00pm-10:00pm, closed on Tuesdays
Coordinates: 5.42054 N, 100.32366 E
Directions: From Macalister Road (either direction), turn to Jalan Anson and drive for approximately 500 meters. Anson Park Food Court is located on the left. There is a large car park within the compound. Parking fee is RM1.00 per entry after 6:00pm.