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Sorganic may be a new brand name, but the company behind it has been a major producer of organic soy powder for decades. Wholesale customers include health food manufacturers; one existing product on the market today is De Soy. However, very few people know the identity of the front-end producer. Until today.
Branding its products as "Sorganic", the producer is now reaching out to end customers to fill several market niches. The product of interest today is Sorganic's Cereal Soy Powder.

Cereal Soy Powder is made from powdered organic soybeans infused with malt-extract cereal. The drink is slightly sweetened with maltose, therefore also suitable for people who are lactose intolerant (many Malaysians are). Its slight sweetness is deliberate; this product is meant for casual customers who want to adopt healthier lifestyle but do not wish to undertake a stringent dietary regime.
The word "organic" should not to be taken lightly. There are several international certification bodies which define the prerequisites before a food product can be marketed as "organic".

Since Sorganic owns the plantations and manufacturing facility (both in Heilongjiang Province of China), it is able to maintain strict control of its product quality. Currently, the French Accreditation Committee (Comité français d'accréditation, COFRAC) has certified that Sorganic's products meet the EN 45011 standard, the most stringent standard for organic compliance.
In addition, Sorganic's Cereal Soy Powder has been halal-certified by Islamic Association of China (中国伊斯兰教协会), whose certification is recognized by the Department of Islamic Advancement of Malaysia (JAKIM).

The advantages of consuming soybeans (especially organic ones) are plentiful. One of the major health benefits is due to the presence of isoflavone, a plant hormone found in soybeans. Isoflavone is a strong antioxidant which removes free radicals in cells and negates the effects of aging. Isoflavone also stimulates absorption of calcium, making soy milk a good substitute for animal milk especially among vegans. For men, soy reduces the risk of prostate cancer. For women, soy protein helps to relieve the effects of menopause.
The Cereal Soy Powder is sold at RM36.90 per box of 800 grams. The powder is vacuum-sealed and can make approximately 25 standard servings. For a limited period, 2 boxes are offered at introductory price of RM65.00. This product is available in several health food centers in Penang (visit Sorganic's website for up-to-date list). The price is standardized everywhere, so you do not necessarily have to approach Sorganic directly.
The spokesperson of Sorganic hinted that there is a pipeline of soy products scheduled for release over the next few months; the Cereal Soy Powder is just the first. Stay tuned to Sorganic's website for future updates.

Speaking of which, Sorganic currently has a concept store called Sorganic Boutique at Jalan Dato Keramat. Besides purchasing Sorganic products directly, there is also a drinks kiosk for the convenience of customers who prefer to enjoy a drink on the spot. Recreational board games and puzzles are available for customers' entertainment.
Name: Sorganic Boutique
Address: 721, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10460 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-227-8625
Business hours: 9:00am-6:00pm, closed on Sundays
Coordinates: 5.41344 N, 100.31279 E
Directions: Driving westward along Jalan Dato Keramat, Sorganic is approximately 200 meters after Shell, occupying half the ground floor of a two-storey shop. The shop is exactly at the intersection between Jalan Dato Keramat and Jalan Utama.

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