Cafe Auwawa

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Cafe Auwawa is a new café along Jalan Lim Lean Teng, just across the school compound of Han Chiang (韩江). This business occupies the corner unit of a row of double-storey houses.
Cafe Auwawa is elegantly decorated with floral theme, such as this lovely pot of lavender here.
The proprietor of Cafe Auwawa is Grace, who is proud to declare that her favorite flower is the daisy. Without a uttering a single word, this picture speaks squarely for itself.
The central air-well is perhaps the coziest section of the dining section. I like the casual atmosphere here.
The main specialty of Cafe Auwawa is the Summer Potted Ice Cream (RM9.80). There is only a limited number prepared each day, so it may not be available towards the later part of the day.
You may recall that the recently closed Fa Guo San (花果山) has a similar dessert. Similar but not identical. Most importantly, Cafe Auwawa uses real flowers instead of mock ones. You may have guessed: beautiful daisies sourced from Cameron Highlands. In fact, customers are encouraged to take the flower home as souvenir!
Inside the "flower pot" is a slice of Swiss roll and a generous layer of chocolate or vanilla ice cream. The ice cream is in turn covered by a layer of Oreo crumbs in the image of "soil". The "stalk" of the daisy is actually a clean plastic straw, so there is no danger of contamination between the daisy and food.
Another specialty at Cafe Auwawa is the Turkey Ham Ciabatta (RM7.90). Ciabatta is an elongated Italian bread which is flatter and more compressed than typical bread. In the States, "panini" is the more common term for this type of bread.
Auwawa's version is lightly toasted just before serving, giving the bread a nice crisp with each bite. Take note that the crispiness of ciabatta subsides when cooled, so consume it while it is still warm.

The standard ciabatta sandwich includes delectable turkey, a couple of hearty onion rings, and a fresh layer of lettuce leaves. I think a slice of tomato will be ideal. Scrambled eggs and cheddar cheese can be added for RM2.00, which I highly recommend that you do.

The serving of ciabatta sandwich comes with a side of fries. The fries are very short; not really by cup of tea. I prefer the longer ones so that potato starch is not overwhelmed by the crispy coating after deep-frying. But if "petite" is the theme here, I suggest to go for potato tots instead.
For my beverage, I opted for the Matcha Frappe (RM8.90) because it is only available at RM4.90 as opening promotion. Whipped cream is be requested for RM1.00 more. This drink is reasonably rich in green tea goodness (one of my favorite pleasures for my tongue), but I feel that it is slightly sweeter than what I usually prefer.

I am a fortunate to receive a complimentary slice of Choco Truffle (RM8.90). This is part of Cafe Auwawa's policy of treating random customers for patronizing. This slice of chocolate cake is reasonably large and quite filling. The chocolate-infused sponge cake makes it very rich indeed.
Chocolate cream serves as icing, while crushed toasted nuts garnish the side. A piece of cherry is placed directly on top for visual appeal. Strictly speaking, this is a chocolate cake rather than a chocolate truffle.
I am given access to a cup of Cappuccino (RM5.90) which is remnant of a photo-shoot session earlier. It is supposed to be a hot drink, but the coffee is already cold. Therefore, it is difficult to assess whether this beverage is really good.
Cafe Auwawa is usually busier during weekdays due to proximity to Han Chiang. The upper floor serves as dormitory for college students. In fact, the idea of this café evolved from a desire to create a cozy place for students to hang out and study.
Address: 16, Jalan Lim Lean Teng, 10460 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-282-1328
Business hours: 3:00pm-11:00pm, closed on Sundays


  1. Wow! I'll go to Penang someday and visit this cafe. That matcha frappe looks yummy and also the oreo crumbs <3

    1. Hi Ririe, thank you for visiting my website! Are you from Indonesia? Nice blog you have there! :-)

      Welcome to Penang! If you are coming, please feel free to contact me at It is my pleasure to show you around! :-)