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Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Houuse Fusion White Coffee (豪式融合白咖啡) a Penang-based brand of gourmet coffee products. Houuse made its debut with its House Blend premium black coffee last year. In pursuit to cater Malaysian crave to white coffee, Houuse is introducing the Fusion White Coffee. This "4-in-1" mixture of coffee is consists of the "3-in-1" components (coffee, creamer and sugar) which Malaysians know and love, and fortified with dietary fiber in the form of inulin.
The coffee component in Fusion White Coffee is made from a mixture of selected Robusta and Arabica beans. Unlike many other brands, Houuse's version is a mixture of microground instant coffee, making the prepared beverage consisting of non-soluble particles of coffee beans suspended in dissolved instant coffee.
A medical practitioner by profession, the proprietor of Houuse opts to use reduced amount of sugar (6 grams per serving). Following the recommended preparation steps, the ready-to-drink coffee is only slightly sweet. It may not have the strong fragrance from brown sugar as experienced in popular brands like OldTown or Chek Hup, but one may enjoy the bold aroma of microground coffee instead.
Reduced sugar content may be less "gratifying" for most coffee drinkers, but this does not preclude enjoyment of a fine cup of coffee. Houuse's version of Fusion White Coffee opens the doorway to the pleasant sensation of coffee-bitterness. Presence of microground coffee in the tongue gives lingering aftertaste for a considerable duration.
Houuse Fusion White Coffee is packaged in resealable bags of 300 grams each. It is available at multiple locations such as Shervoné at Krystal Point. A list of retailers is available on Houuse's website. The price for each bag is standardized at RM14.90 for now. For Muslim consumers, Houuse's products are certified halal.
Name: Houuse Fusion White Coffee
Address: N/A
Contact: 04-655-4617
Business hours: Depends on individual retailer
Website : http://www.houuse.com.my
Coordinates: N/A
Directions: N/A

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