Indian Palace

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Did you notice the existence of Indian Palace Restaurant & Art Gallery at Penang Times Square? If not, you are not alone. This Indian restaurant is located at the back of the mall facing away from the main road. It is not reachable from the air-conditioned section of the mall either.
Indian Palace takes pride to claim to be the largest Indian art gallery-cum-restaurant in Penang. I am not surprised that it is, considering that I cannot name another Indian art gallery-cum-restaurant in Penang. This restaurant is under the same management as Gem Restaurant at Bishop Street.
The food at Indian Palace is covers most of the Indian subcontinent, which is quite varied due to diverse cultures over such large landmass. There is a set lunch menu which starts at RM7.90. This set lunch is available daily including weekends.
My choice today is the Mutton Set Lunch (RM14.90). Like many authentic Indian cuisine, the meal consists of white rice and naan bread, served alongside several individual sides. Most dishes are curry-based, so you need to expect some degree of spiciness beforehand.
The appetizer is a basket of papadom (पापड़). As usual, the crackers become stale and lose their crispy appeal when exposed to air. Therefore, these should be the first to consume. The papadom is served with some green mint sauce as dipping sauce.
The central item in this dish is the mutton masala (मटन मसाला) curry, of course. The gravy is rich and heavily infused with flavorful spices, yet not too spicy.
I also enjoy the tender mutton as the savory flesh has exchanged flavors with the delightful curry. Truly an enjoyable bowl of curry albeit a small one.
One of the side curry is dhal tadka (दाल तड़का), a curry made from starchy lentil.
There is also another curry which is more watery and slightly sour.
Raita (रायता) is a light-colored yogurt with chopped onions, giving an appetizing tanginess within each sip.
There is also a small serving of stewed potatoes. The potatoes are boiled soft and heavily infused by gravy.
And another vegetable side made from carrots, onions and long beans.
The lunch set meal includes a glass of cordial drink, i.e. mango lassi. Why is every lassi drink that I ever encountered always mango flavored? Not that I am complaining, but am I stereotyping?
For so many dishes and reasonably appetizing taste, my meal today has good value for money. I am just commenting based on the set lunch meal, as the à la carte menu is drastically different. Having said so, the food at Indian Palace should not be compared to more authentic ones like those of Chef Shantanu at Spice Market Café.
One major let-down is that the dining section is quite hot and stuffy. I am not sure whether the air-conditioning has malfunctioned, or was deliberated turned off.

Address: 79-G-18, Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-226-6662
Business hours: 11:00am-11:00pm


  1. Nice pictures! Especially the last one!

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