Special thanks to Marshall's for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Today's dinner brings me to Marshall's second outlet which is located at Bay Avenue. The store's facade has more modern appearance than the original one at Burmah Road. Nevertheless, the big red signboard is unmistakably Marshall's.
The interior dining section has similar appearance to the first outlet. Plywood tabletops with wooden frames are arranged neatly in a soft-lit cozy atmosphere.
There are two main reasons that I am invited here: to sample the all-new spicy burger patties, and to try the newly launched Hot Wings.
For the first part, the menu selection remains unchanged as before. This time, customers have the option to spice up the meat patties for a different type of experience.
My choice of burger today is The Fat Piglet (RM11.50). For an additional RM6.50, the meal can be upgraded to include steak fries and a choice of beverage, either carbonated or bottled water. Steak fries can be replaced with onion rings, should your heart desire so.
The main star of the day, The Fat Piglet, consists of a single patty of pork plus two slices of bacon sandwiched between two pieces of burger bun. Other fresh ingredients include lettuce and grilled onion. If grilled onion is not your cup of tea, ask for raw diced onion instead. Besides the default white butter bun, there is also a wholemeal version (same price) if you prefer more dietary fiber in your meal.

Unlike the last visit, amount of sauce (proudly called Marshall's sauce) in the burger is minimal. The reason is because different customers tend to prefer different amount of sauce, therefore Marshall's believes it is best to allow customers to add to their heart's content.
The pork patty may look regular-sized in comparison with the bun. Upon closer inspection, notice that it is rather thick. The patty is also quite compact, making a single patty reasonably sufficient for most people. To be precise, each patty packs 140 grams of genuine pork goodness. Despite its thickness, the entire patty is juicy throughout its cross section.

As for the bacon strips, they are well grilled to scrumptious crispiness. The taste of bacon is quite well-balanced too. This is unlike the super-salty versions that I have tasted at certain burger stalls.

My order of The Fat Piglet is the new spicy version. While the patty is unchanged from before, this new recipe involves an extra coating of hot sauce being applied during grilling. The degree of spiciness is only "medium-low" in my vaguely-defined spectrum of spiciness.
This spicy version is only introduced for a week, therefore the amount of hot sauce will be slowly increased as soon as customers are up for the challenge. If you can't wait for your tongue to be tantalized, try asking the staff to prepare you a devilish version. Perhaps I should have done that myself...

Note that this spicy version of patties only applies to pork, beef and chicken burgers. It is not available on fish burgers, of course. You wouldn't like hot sauce mixed with tartar sauce, would you?

The all-new Hot Wings (RM8.00) is also launched last week. Three sets of chicken wings and drumettes are coated with the same hot sauce as burgers. But this time, the coating is done multiple times over until the meat has glossy appearance when cooked.
Despite using more hot sauce, the chicken still neatly falls within "moderate" level of my fictional spiciness chart. But in case you are more sensitive to fiery sensation of chili, I suggest that you go slowly. Then again, the dish is called Hot Wings for a good reason. Take a clue!
So far, Marshall's spicy burger patties and Hot Wings are available at all three outlets on the island. These new menu choices will hit other outlets in due time.
Name: Marshall's
Address: H-12A-1, Lorong Bayan Indah 2, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-611-6714
Business hours: 12:00pm-10:00pm (Tuesday-Thursday), 12:00pm-11:00pm (Friday-Sunday), closed on Mondays
Coordinates: 5.33692 N, 100.30763 E
Directions: Marshall's is located at Bay Avenue. It is one of the shops immediately behind the front row which hosts Berlin's Bier Houz. There are ticketed parking spaces in front of most shops, but vacant spaces can be scarce on weekends.

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