Pick N Pay

Special thanks to Pick N Pay for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Conveniently located across TGV Cinemas in Gurney Paragon, Pick N Pay is a snack shop which caters for moviegoers before and after a show.
The merchandise at Pick N Pay features two major specialties: novelty crackers and frozen yogurt. Besides that, canned beverages and popular-brand snacks are also available. The price is relatively affordable considering Gurney Paragon's prestige as an upscale mall.
Pick N Pay features non-fried crackers which are manufactured by Master Mi (米大师), a popular brand in Taiwan. There are a handful of flavor choices for both the Fresh Prawn Biscuit (鲜爆虾饼) and Rice Biscuit (爆烤米饼). The former is prepared and packaged on the spot, while the latter is imported directly from Taiwan as a finished product. In all cases, the crackers are baked, not fried. Without the use of cooking oil, these crackers have significantly lower fat content than those sold by street vendors.
The machine to produce Fresh Prawn Biscuit is displayed in plain sight for customers to witness. The top of this machine is a funnel where raw powder is inserted. The rest is just magic, so to speak. Once the crackers are ready, which is only in a matter of minutes, crackers are individually ejected from the bottom of the machine. Each ejection is accompanied by a loud pops in interval of seconds. The sound is very loud, so you may jump out of your skin if you were not expecting this.
The crackers are packed into resealable air-tight bags to ensure freshness. We all know what happens to a cracker when it were left exposed to air. There are 7 pieces of crackers in each packet, making each packet suitable for 2 or 3 people for snacking purposes.
There are two flavors for the Fresh Prawn Biscuit: Original (原味虾饼, RM8.60) and Black Pepper (黑胡椒虾饼, RM8.60). The preparation process is identical. The only difference is the type of flavoring in the raw flour. For my sample of the Original flavor, I like the fact that the cracker is non-greasy but still light and crispy with each bite.

As for the Rice Biscuit, there are 6 types flavors: Original (宝宝米饼, RM6.80), Butter (奶油原味, RM6.80), Cheddar (切达起司, RM8.60), Seaweed (酱烧海苔, RM8.60), Black Pepper (黑胡椒沙朗, RM8.60) and Curry (咖哩鸡汁, RM8.60).
There are also specially-packaged rice crackers which are encapsulated with either chocolate or strawberry coating. These crackers are packaged in attractive bags at RM8.60 each; I guess they serve well as presentable gifts.
Customers who purchase any 5 packets of prawn and/or rice crackers will receive a free pack of Original- or Butter-flavored rice crackers. This promotion is available from now till 31 August 2014.

Switching gear to the other specialty at Pick N Place, there are several ways to enjoy frozen yogurt: on a cone biscuit like an ice cream, or simply in a proper cup. There is also an option of chocolate-coated Signature cones which are lined with either nuts or sprinkles near the rim.
For the cup version of frozen yogurt, optional toppings are available for RM1.00 each. Topping choices are such as Oreo crumbs, oat biscuits, almonds, dried apricot, chocolate chips and several more.
Two flavors of frozen yogurt are available at any time: Original flavor and a rotating seasonal flavor. Today's seasonal option is Blueberry. I personally enjoy yogurt but I dislike those that are excessively sweet for no good reason. Fortunately, both types of yogurt flavors strike a chord with my palate.
There is also special offer for frozen yogurt on the first day of each month. Any purchase of Signature cone or cup-based yogurt is entitled for another serving of equal or lesser value.
Here is my take on Pick N Pay: While waiting to enter the cinema, check out the prices at TGV's concession counter. Next, head over to Pick N Pay to see whether you can stretch your dollar. If your plan is to consume the food before entering the cinema anyway, the choice is plainly obvious.

Name: Pick N Pay
Address: L8.04, Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-456-6978
Business hours: 10:00am-10:00pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/picknpay.pnp
Coordinates: 5.43559 N, 100.31104 E
Directions: Pick N Pay is located on Level L8 of Gurney Paragon shopping mall. The shop faces TGV Cinemas. Gurney Paragon has a multi-storey parking garage.