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Special thanks to Shervone Cakes for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

With the Krystal Point outlet reaching maximum capacity, Shervone Cakes opened a second outlet in Pulau Tikus earlier this month. Besides serving as central kitchen, this more-spacious premises also doubles as a café with proper dining area.
Shervone Cakes is operated by Mr. and Mrs. Yo; the latter lent her name to the name of this business establishment. Starting from humble beginnings 7 years ago as a home-based bakery, Shervone Cakes has been gaining widespread recognition for its elaborate 3D cakes. Despite its name, Mr. Yo is the main driver behind most of Shervone Cakes' artistic expression.
The interior design in this new outlet reflects Mr. Yo's creative talent beyond the realm of confectionery. Tabletop decoration is improvised using old magazines, proving that simplicity, elegance and practicality can coexist in harmony.
As a café, the menu at Shervone Cakes includes staple meals such as pasta and pizza. For something lighter, there are also snacks such as pies, panino (plural for panini), muffins and bagels. As for beverages, coffee and English tea are available. Having said so, confectionery is still Shervone Cakes' bread and butter business (pun intended).
Shervone's parents-in-law are former laksa peddlers in Air Itam. Shervone Cakes brings them back from retirement to revive the Heng Penang Laksa (RM6.90). This laksa dish is only available on weekends.
Right off the bat, it is evident that Shervone Cakes cuts no corners when it comes to quality. The laksa broth is extraordinarily thick, and is infused with savory goodness of mackerel (ikan kembung). Highly-sought sourness of laksa is provided by tamarind (asam), while spiciness of the broth is primarily attributed to chili peppers. Compared to laksa stalls in general, the level of spiciness is milder than most.

Another signature dish at Shervone Cakes is Biryani Spice Rice With 1/4 Chicken (RM19.80). This is a rice dish with marinated chicken thigh, plus a side order of vegetables.
The biryani rice is made from long-grain basmati rice flavored with fragrant spices. Cashew nuts are added on top for enhanced flavor.

The rendang chicken is heavily marinated such that savory flavor penetrates deep into the flesh. Every bite of chicken is heavenly to say the least. Almond slices are added to the top for better aesthetic appeal. A bowl of curry is also provided in case one prefers a spicier treat.
Shervone Cakes allows customers to get hands-on experience in preparing their favorite coffee. On each table, there is a coffee machine as well as milk frother.
Espresso is provided in the form of capsules. For the first time, most customers will be baffled by the sophisticated appliances, but a demonstration by an employee shows how freshly-brewed coffee is prepared simply by push of a button.
Our Mocha (RM9.00) drink is covered with milk froth to give a foamy appearance. Chocolate drizzle is provided should customers want to express their creative talent.
As for desserts, we have the privilege of trying the Sweet Spicy Cake (RM8.80), Shervone Cakes' latest creation. Curry powder is infused within the velvet-smooth chocolate cake, not merely sprinkled on top.
Although one can feel the presence of curry powder, it does not overwhelm the taste buds immediately. The mint-cooling effect reveals itself only after several seconds. According to Mr. Yo, the recipe of this cake underwent extensive fine-tuning before achieving this desired effect. If you find this cake being unorthodox, wait till you hear the next flavor which Shervone Cakes will reveal soon.

To satisfy our passion for good chocolate, we also sampled a couple of Curry Banana Chocolate (RM3.20). Besides the bold flavor of dark chocolate expected in this confectionery, the flavor is expanded in more dimensions with the clever use of banana and curry. If you have not tried this lovely candy before, you do not know what you are missing.
Our meal concludes with a serving of Crème Brûlée (RM11.90). Like the one served in Spice Market Café, the base of this dessert is made of soft vanilla custard. Light coat of sugar is sprinkled on top, then caramelized through heating by using a blow torch.
The glossy layer of hard caramel plays a contrast role to the softer custard underneath. I enjoy the yolky texture of this crème brûlée, and the fact that the custard is not too sweet.

Shervone Cakes also provides party supplies and other cake-related merchandise, so it is a one-stop location if you are throwing a birthday party. If party planning is not your cup of tea, Shervone Cakes also serves as a proper eatery for lunch and dinner.
Name: Shervone Cakes
Address: 230-A, Jalan Burma, 10350 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 012-429-6948
Business hours: 11:00am-7:00pm
Coordinates: 5.43003 N, 100.31346 E
Directions: From the intersection between Jalan Burma (Burmah Road) and Jalan Cantonment (Cantonment Road), drive along the one-way Jalan Burma. Immediately after the police station on the left, there is a row of shops also on the left. Shervone Cakes one of the middle shops in this row. Limited parking space is available in front of the shop.

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