Setia Alam Night Market

Setia Alam Night Market is one of the largest pasar malam in Malaysia, stretching for almost a kilometer in length. The night market is only open on Saturdays.

There are more than a hundred food stalls here. Among them is Golden Taste Cafe (康乐黑豆腐). Hailing from Ipoh, the stall operates in several night markets throughout Klang Valley.
Golden Taste Cafe is known for its Black Tofu (黑豆腐, RM5.00 for 5 pieces). The homemade tofu is prepared from black soybeans, which explains the dark color. The tofu is deep-fried first, and then served in a rich soup with pickled takuan (菜脯), chopped garlic (蒜蓉), coriander, scallions and chili paste.
The soup is not only hot, but is devilishly spicy too. As challenging as it may be, I highly recommend that you finish the soup. The soup recipe is a family secret, but we speculate that it contains mushrooms and green tea.
We also came across another stall that sells grilled cuttlefish (烤鱿鱼). The cuttlefish is cooked over burning charcoal.
After the cuttlefish becomes sufficiently dry, it is fed into a pressing machine to be flattened into a thin sheet. The cuttlefish is grilled further so that it is cooked thoroughly.
Finally, the grilled cuttlefish is cut into smaller pieces and served with a special sauce made of belacan (fermented shrimp paste) and chili peppers.
The grilled cuttlefish is extremely tough and chewy. Since it is mostly salty, the cuttlefish relies on the special sauce for better flavor. For the price of RM35.00, I think it is not worth the money.

Address: Jalan Setia Prima U13/A, 40170 Shah Alam, Selangor
Contact: N/A
Business hours: 5:00pm-11:00pm, closed on Sundays to Fridays

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