Special thanks to Nicole's for extending this product review invitation.

Penang's home bakery community should not be unfamiliar with Nicole's. The proprietor, Nicole (whose name you might have guessed), has been running this home-based business for 15 years. Renowned for its elaborately decorated cakes, Nicole's provides quality confectionery (à la 5-star hotel prestige) at relatively affordable price.

Nicole's cakes come in wide range of types and appearance. However for sake of simplicity, all cakes are priced at RM90.00 each. Each cake is approximately 1.0 to 1.2 kilograms. Unlike commercial bakeries, every cake from Nicole's is unique; no two cakes are made identical.

I am fortunate to meet Nicole today, who graciously showcased some of her fine wares. Starting with this blueberry cake, the icing is very elaborate. Fresh blueberries, peaches and strawberries are meticulously arranged on top, giving a sense of fruity freshness.
This is another blueberry cake which has been customized for a lucky 3-year-old birthday toddler. It is awe-inspiring to observe the level of detail which Nicole went through. Whose child does not love Doraemon (ドラえもん)? On the side are colorful pieces of marshmallows. The only question for parents: Can you restrain your child from sticking a finger into the cake before he/she blows the candles?
Next is Nicole's longan cake, which is also masterfully handcrafted down to the finest detail. Nicely sitting on whipped cream are fresh pieces of longan, grapes, blueberries, kiwi and strawberries. This cake is certainly presentable in an elegant party setting.
Besides confectionery, Nicole's also offers Bakkwa (肉干) or sweetened dried meat. Primarily made from minced pork, bakkwa is seasoned with various spices, honey and salt. Bakkwa is immensely popular during Chinese New Year; it is usually eaten plain or with bread.
The pork used in Nicole's bakkwa is freshly minced, seasoned and grilled; it is never frozen throughout the process. Unlike commercial bakkwa, the one from Nicole's is cooked using an electric griller instead of a charcoal oven. Small amount of olive oil added to facilitate grilling, while bakkwa's sweetness is derived from honey instead of processed sugar.
Besides the familiar flat-sheet bakkwa, Nicole's also offers the coin-shaped type. This version is made into bite sizes with a lump in the middle.
Between both versions of bakkwa, I find the coin-shaped one to be juicier and more addictive. I guess it is because the interior has more moisture, therefore contributing to more delectable sensation. As such, I believe this version is more suitable as finger food.
Another pork delicacy which often accompanies bakkwa is Pork Floss (肉松). This delicacy is made by first stewing pork with various seasoning until all sauce have been fully absorbed into the meat. The pork is now sufficient soft that bundles of muscle fiber can be teased apart. Pulled pork is then dried in an oven until it achieves a light and fluffy texture. Pork floss to add flavor to plain dishes, such as congee.
Both types of Bakkwa are priced at RM52.00 for a pack of 600 grams. Meanwhile, Pork Floss is available at RM36.00 for a pack of 500 grams. The preparation time varies depending on the number of orders in a given window.

Nicole's philosophy is to use premium-quality ingredients in a hygienic approach, the same way she prepares food for her family. Artificial preservatives are not used, which explains the relatively short shelf life. Which is more important: Your health? Or the convenience to keep food around for several months because even bacteria would not consume it?

For enquiries, Nicole's is reachable via Facebook or by phone. Nicole's provides delivery (including refrigerated cakes) throughout West Malaysia. Limited not-so-perishable items like Bakkwa and Pork Floss can be air-flown to East Malaysia.

Name: Nicole's
Address: N/A
Contact: 012-492-1648
Business hours: N/A
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  1. Although I just had tiramisu, now i feel like having another cake after seeing your post.. hahaha

    1. Haha, very detailed icing, isn't it? :-)

    2. Hi Dorothy ,
      Thanks for your words of encouragement !have a nice day!

    3. Dorothy just had a large slice of tiramisu cake. If she still craves for another cake, it implies that Nicole's cakes are very attractive. :-)

  2. I came across her promotion for tau Sar peah in Penang food Hunter FB. Many good comments from members too. Unfortunately she hardly replies to enquiries or small quantities order. Good food is important. Service is equally important too.

    1. She may be too busy. Give her some time, or you may call the phone number. :-)

    2. Dear Anonymous
      So sorry if I take longer than I should in replying your enquiry.Working full time from home kitchen left me very little time to go online...for quicker access would appreciate phone calls ...I could be contacted at 0124921648..hope to hear from you and once again,my apologies