Kopitiam Ah Mah

Kopitiam Ah Mah (亚嫲咖啡馆) is one of many eatery in Bandar Baru Klang. The restaurant occupies an end lot, making it larger than its neighbors. There are air-conditioned and al fresco dining areas.
As the name implies, Kopitiam Ah Mah focuses on home cooking. The food menu covers a variety of noodle and rice dishes. Unusual for eateries of this size, Kopitiam Ah Mah has halal certification.
Steamed Fish Head Kuey Teow (清蒸新鲜石斑鱼头粿条, RM12.90) is the restaurant's signature dish. Unfortunately, the grouper is not fresh and is too bony. Furthermore, the dish is excessively salty for my palate.
Ah Mah Claypot Yee Mee (亚嫲特色瓦煲伊面, RM7.90) fares better. The dish contains an egg, fishcakes and fish balls. I like the fact that the egg yolk is still runny.
The dessert of the day is Mung Bean Soup (绿豆汤, RM3.00). The sweet soup is topped with chewy slices of youtiao (油条). The overall taste is quite satisfying.
Kopi C (海南咖啡, RM2.50) is essentially local black coffee mixed with evaporated milk and sugar. The drink is served in a cup and a saucer that are typical in any kopitiam.
In summary, Kopitiam Ah Mah has some room for improvement in terms of food quality. As for pricing, the food here is pretty affordable.

Address: 22A, Jalan Tiara 2C, Bandar Baru Klang, 41150 Klang, Selangor
Contact: 03-3359-5595
Business hours: 9:00am-11:00pm

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