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Special thanks to Golden Sands Resort for extending this food review invitation.

Golden Sands Resort celebrates its 35th anniversary this month! Officially opened in 15 March 1980, Golden Sands Resort has undergone several phases of development to the 387-room hotel it is today.
Compared to its sister property Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa next door, Golden Sands Resort provides more laid-back atmosphere. This positions Golden Sands Resort as in ideal family-oriented seaside getaway in Batu Ferringhi.
Facing the setting sun over the oceanic horizon is Sigi's Bar & Grill On The Beach, the resort's Caribbean-themed restaurant and cocktail bar. The building which hosts Sigi's Bar & Grill formerly belonged to the late Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah. The resort acquired the bungalow through a well-thought property swap.
Sigi's Bar & Grill was named after its Executive Chef back then. 35 years later, Chef Adrian takes the helm of this restaurant. As part of the resort's 35th anniversary celebration, Sigi's Bar & Grill is reviving several popular dishes since its inception. In addition, a handful of cocktail mixes from the yesteryears are also brought back. This special menu is only available throughout the month of March 2015.
For starters, guests may enjoy a bowl of Roasted Tomato Soup With Nachos (RM15.00). This appetizer is made from thick tomato puree, giving it deep flavor rich in tomato goodness. Nacho chips are provided for the crispy appeal.
For salad, the Californian Cobb (RM30.00) is made from cilantro chicken, bacon, boiled egg, lettuce leaves, cherry tomatoes, avocados, grated cheese, chive dressing and salad dressing. I believe more chicken and bacon would have made the salad more satisfying.
One should not miss the nostalgic Rack Of Lamb (RM86.00), which is served sizzling hot on a hot plate. The medium-rare spare ribs are succulent down to the bone. On the side is a small serving of ratatouille niçoise (stewed mixed vegetables) and potatoes au gratin. So gratifying this dish is!
The Peppino Lasagna (RM36.00) is another signature dish from the olden days. Multiple layers of lasagna sheets are baked with interleaving layers of ground beef, cheese and tomato puree.
Beef appears to take the center stage in this pasta dish, but in reality it is tomato and cheese which make the lasagna shine. The cheesy consistency and thick tomato puree make this single serving of lasagna a very heavy meal!
The next dish is a Hispanic comfort food: Hot Sizzling Fajitas (RM35.00). Grilled chicken is served in a sizzling hot pan alongside sweet onion and bell pepper. Flour tortillas are provided as wraps.
On the side are guacamole, cream cheese and smoked habanero salsa. Since my previous visit to the United States, I have grown a peculiar affinity for guacamole. I just love the smooth and cooling sensation of this lovely avocado-based sauce. Unfortunately, Mexican restaurants in Penang which serve guacamole are few and far between.
The next dish to be revived from yesteryears is another Hispanic one: Chicken Quesadilla (RM30.00). Unlike fajita which is served do-it-yourself, quesadilla is typically ready to eat when served. Sandwiched between two layers of baked tortilla is grilled chicken. Flour tortilla is topped with jalapeño chili pepper, cream cheese and guacamole.
As for desserts, Lemon Tart (RM16.00) is a sound choice. The crispy pastry base is filled with citrus custard blended with passion fruit. The result is a delightful tart of unparalleled satisfaction.
On the other hand, some may prefer the Rice Pudding (RM15.00) instead. The pudding is made from sweetened rice flour with vanilla essence and sour cherry. Its soft, creamy texture makes it quite easy on the mouth. I think the sweetness level can use better control, but I still enjoy this dessert regardless.
In the cocktails menu, one of the most iconic creation is none other than the Sands Cooler (RM30.00). This concoction consists of apricot brandy, crѐme de cacao, orange cordial, fresh lime juice and pineapple juice.
The Sands Cooler is presented in a hollowed pineapple fruit. I love how this drink blends brandy with fruity pineapple flavor. If you are looking for a real thirst-buster, look no further.
The Pink Lady (RM25.00) is based on gin and Curaçao triple sec, with grenadine syrup to give the drink a pinkish hue.
Samba Lesson (RM25.00) is made from rum, crѐme de cacao (cocoa cream), coconut cream and fresh bananas.

Meanwhile, the Blue Lagoon (RM25.00) is the mixing of vodka, Curaçao, lime juice and soda pop. The drink derives its color from Curaçao, which is naturally colorless but typically dyed blue to make it look exotic.

Inspired by Eastern Europe is Covic Russia (RM25.00), a vodka concocted with Galliano, Blue Curaçao and orange juice. Galliano is a sweet herbal liqueur from Italy.
Strawberry Dawn (RM25.00) comes in a smaller-than-usual glass. It is a simple mix of gin and strawberry juice, making it one of the lighter cocktails. Coconut ice cream is blended to give some foamy consistency.
Last but not least, Blue Hawaii (RM25.00) is made from Blue Curaçao, rum, pineapple juice and coconut cream. This is one of the fruitier cocktails thus far.
Towards the end of the hotel's eastern wing, there is a gallery with old photographs and newspaper articles to commemorate the historical milestones of Golden Sands Resort. Golden Sands Resort has come a long way throughout its 35 years in the hotel business.
Name: Sigi's Bar & Grill
Address: Golden Sands Resort, Jalan Batu Ferringhi, 11100 Batu Ferringhi, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-886-1852
Business hours: 11:00am-12:00am
Website: Click here
Coordinates: 5.47751 N, 100.2516 E
Directions: Driving from George Town and upon arriving Batu Ferringhi, Golden Sands Resort is located on the right at the first traffic junction. The main entrance to the hotel is located slightly after the junction. Sigi's Bar & Grill is located towards the far side of the resort, after the pools and facing the beach. Parking is complimentary for hotel guests.

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