Boo Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken

Boo Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken (巫记芽菜鸡) has moved from Air Itam to Perak Road (Jalan Perak). I guess the intention is to keep its operating cost low.
As the name implies, the signature dish here is Boo Kee Bean Sprouts Chicken (巫记芽菜鸡, RM5.50). The plate of boiled chicken comes with bean sprouts, oily rice and soup.
The chicken's flavor is decent, but I think it needs to be boiled slightly longer so that it becomes smoother and tenderer. The amount of soy sauce is quite excessive, such that the chicken becomes too salty.
A plate of crunchy bean sprouts is served on a separate plate. Fried garlic and chopped scallion (spring onion) are used to enhance aroma.
Unfortunately, the soup is lacking of rich chicken flavor. I think it is quite bland in taste.
Another dish as recommended by the owner is Nyonya Pig Trotter With Vinegar (娘惹猪脚醋, RM6.00).
This pork stew is beautifully flavored with thick gravy, which is a nice combination of sour, sweet and savory flavors. This dish is very appetizing and is highly recommended.
As for drinks, freshly squeezed Orange Juice (鲜橙汁, RM1.50) is quite affordable.
Overall, I think the pig trotter is worth trying, but I feel that much work needs to be done for the chicken. The pricing is reasonably affordable, but don't expect great comfort in this no-frills environment.

Address: 337D, Jalan Perak, 11600 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-418-7900
Business hours: 11:00am-10:00pm

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