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Special thanks to Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

After the memorable dining experience at its flagship Petaling Jaya outlet, it is time to head to the Penang branch of Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant (蟹王香海鲜饭店). Located within the residential area of Sungai Ara, Super Crab occupies a stand-alone building which was once Cherry Blossom Restaurant.
As the name implies, crab is the specialty of this restaurant. However, it is a mistake to overlook other seafood dishes that Super Crab has to offer. Unlike the original outlet, this Penang restaurant has a pork-free menu.
The first dish is impressive indeed: Giant River Prawn (淡水大虾). Native to Malaysia, this freshwater shrimp can grow up to 30 centimeters in length. Male shrimps have distinctively long front claws in comparison to their marine cousins. This shrimp is known locally as "udang galah" or "罗氏虾".
These freshwater shrimps have more refined flesh compared to their ocean counterparts. However, the former have arguably milder taste, therefore ginger-flavored sauce plays a key role to accentuate their flavor.

As for poultry, Steamed Herbal Chicken (药材蒸鸡) is infused with various medicinal herbs such as female ginseng (当归), wolfberry (枸杞), ginger and parsley. The flesh is tender and succulent throughout, thanks to the lovely herbal marinade. This dish is not available in the food menu, but I think that it should be.
Another delicacy that Super Crab has to offer is Drunken Frog (醉酒田鸡). This wholesome soup is enhanced with a small amount of rice wine for improved aroma. As for the frogs, the muscular meat is tender and scrumptious, making these little devils very enjoyable indeed.
As for vegetables, Four Kings (四大天王) is not a dish to be trifled with. The four "kings" refer to four types of vegetables: okra (lady's fingers, 羊角豆), winged bean (四棱豆), eggplant (brinjal, aubergine, 茄子) and stink bean (petai, 臭豆). These mixed vegetables are stir-fried with sambal belacan (chili shrimp paste) and oyster sauce to create this delectable, juicy dish.
Last but not least, Fried Yee Mee (炆伊面) is meant to fill up remaining vacancies in the stomach. Wheat-and-egg noodle is stir-fried with chicken, shrimps and cabbage using dark sauce for savory taste.
Coconut (香椰) is my beverage of choice tonight. The coconut water is refreshing and is one of the best juices that Mother Nature has to offer. White coconut kernel on the inner surface can be consumed too.
Super Crab has an offer that you cannot refuse: 2 crabs (1 kilogram in total) for RM55.00! This price is nearly the cost of raw crabs, so you have nothing to lose. Both crabs need to be served as a single dish, of which is entirely your choice. This promotion is available at both Super Crab outlets.
Fresh seafood like crabs and frogs are prepared in limited quantities every night. Therefore, it is highly advisable to pre-order by phone before visiting. Although the restaurant is open till 11:00pm, naive customers may be surprised that all seafood is depleted by 10:00pm!
Name: Super Crab Aroma Seafood Restaurant (蟹王香海鲜饭店)
Address: 1B, Changkat Sungai Ara 6, 11900 Bayan Lepas, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-646-9793
Business hours: 11:00am-3:00pm, 5:00pm-11:00pm, closed on Mondays
Coordinates: 5.33351 N, 100.26759 E
Directions: From Jalan Dato Ismail Hashim, turn to Persiaran Relau and drive for approximately 800 meters. After a row of shops on the left, the road makes an abrupt jerk to the left. Super Crab is the first house on the left of this awkward discontinuity. There are plenty of parking spaces in front and along the side of the compound.

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