Today's lunch brings me to Todam Korean BBQ (토담) near Aeon Bukit Tinggi. The restaurant is located directly above PappaRich.
The ambience of the restaurant is quite relaxing. Since Korean barbecue is the main attraction at Todam, each dining table has a built-in grill. Should customers prefer to dine in a more traditional setting, they may request to be seated at a low table.
Before the actual meal, customers are treated with a variety of banchan (반찬) or side dishes. Banchan types served today are Baechu Kimchi (배추김치, napa cabbage kimchi), Oimuchim (오이무침, cucumber kimchi), Gaji Namul (가지나물, boiled eggplant), Kongnamul (콩나물, boiled bean sprouts), Gangnangkong (강낭콩, boiled green beans), Gogumasun Namul (고구마순나물, boiled sweet potato shoots), Dubu Jorim (두부조림, boiled bean curd) and Gamja Saelleodeu (감자샐러드, potato salad).
For the main meal, our choice is Budae Jeongol (부대전골, RM50.00). The large pot of spicy stew is meant for 2 persons. Similar to jjigae (찌개), jeongol (전골) is prepared using gochujang (고추장, fermented chili paste). The stew is typically eaten with steamed rice.
Budae Jeongol literally means "army stew". This dish was invented during the aftermath of the Korean War when fresh food was scarce. Therefore, the Koreans had to improvise surplus food provided by American soldiers. This explains why sausage, ham and macaroni appear in this dish. Also included in the stew are minced pork and garaetteok (가래떡, Korean rice cake).
Overall, Todam's food has reasonable quality but does not really stand out when compared to other Korean restaurants. The food is rather pricey but this is the norm in similar Korean restaurants. Nevertheless, I feel that the restaurant's ambience and waiting service are commendable.
Address: 2-1A, Lorong Batu Nilam 21A, 41200 Klang, Selangor
Contact: 03-3318-6955
Business hours: 11:30am-3:00pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm (Monday-Thursday), 11:30am-10:00pm (Friday-Sunday)

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