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Special thanks to Cupido Cafe for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

Due to its proximity to many guesthouses, Love Lane has a disproportionate number of cafés to cater to backpacking tourists. One of the newest coffeehouse is Cupido Cafe, located just next to Selfie Coffee and Love & Latte.
This love-themed café features an abundance of romantic ornaments. Angel wings mural provides a good backdrop for photo-opportunities. Lovely baskets of teddy bears decorate the front counter.
Most prominent of all, the front of the café features an endearing statue of Cupid himself!
While the number of seats at the ground floor is limited, there are more dining tables upstairs. This section is elaborately decorated with "clouds" in the sky. Although the upper floor is air-conditioned, it can still be quite warm in the afternoon. If possible, assume a seating position near the air-conditioner.
If you are visiting Cupido Cafe with your loved one, there is no reason not to pen a love letter and declare your love interest to the world.
As for food, Cupido Cafe has a handful breakfast, lunch and dinner meal dishes. Light snacks are also available if you are looking for between-meal bites. As you may have predicted, many of these dishes have love as the main theme.
The most obvious example is the heart-shaped Hawaiian Chicken Pizza (RM16.00). This thin crust pizza is topped with chunks of chicken, pineapple, onion, melted cheese and a sprinkle of ground basil leaf. In my opinion, the pizza can use more chicken and cheese.
If one large heart does not suit you, there is also the Hawaiian Chicken Mini Pizza (RM15.00) which comes in six smaller, heart-shaped pieces. The crust and toppings are identical to the previous pizza.
Another visually appealing dish is Love Eggs On Foot Long Sausages (RM12.00). The foot-long sausage is made in the shape of a heart, and forms a moat around fried beaten eggs. I think the sausage is saltier than it should be. A lightly salted sausage should suffice here.
As for rice dishes, there is Curry Chicken & Egg With White Rice (RM13.00). The main feature is a moderate serving of curry chicken and bell peppers. The heap of cooked rice is topped by a heart-shaped fried egg.
The curry chicken is acceptable in terms of taste, but I think it should be cooked until it becomes tenderer. I think it is a wise choice to use bell peppers to balance up the meaty curry.
An alternative dish is the Curry Chicken Wrap Tortillas (RM12.00), which features the same chicken curry as the previous dish. Two pieces of flour tortilla are provided to be used as wraps. Particularly for this dish, I suggest that deboned chicken is used. In addition, some guacamole or cream cheese will be helpful to bond the curry chicken with flour tortilla.
For something lighter, order a portion of Love Egg On Toast (RM3.00). A single piece of love-shaped sunny-side-up egg is served on top a slice of toasted bread. I believe a sprinkle of black pepper will make it nicer.
If you are counting calories, there is the Garden Salad (RM8.00) which comprises of lettuce, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, sweet corn, onion and boiled egg. Thousand Island dressing is used, but request for less or no dressing if you want to minimize calorie intake.
Coffee is part and parcel of a café. The Love Latte (RM9.00) is made from Puro coffee, a blend of coffee beans from Belgium. The coffee has decent smoothness, although I feel that the amount of espresso to milk to slightly lacking. This drink is served in a fancy English-style porcelain teacup.
As for cold beverages, Calamansi Sprite (RM11.00) is a citrus-flavored carbonated drink with sour plums and limes. Meanwhile, the Ribena Soda (RM8.50) is soda mixed with blackcurrant cordial plus a couple of lemon slices.
No doubt, Cupido Cafe places strong emphasis in food presentation. Many dishes contain vegetable garnish on the side. In terms of taste, I think several dishes can be further improved.
Name: Cupido Cafe
Address: 90, Lorong Love, 10200 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-251-9080
Business hours: 9:00am-1:00am
Coordinates: 5.41866 N, 100.33625 E
Directions: From Chulia Street (Lebuh Chulia), turn into Love Lane. Love & Latte is one of the shops on the left, just before Selfie Coffee and Love & Latte. Street parking is available but limited during certain hours. There is also a private car park further down Love Lane on the right, just before reaching Reggae Penang.

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