Michelle's Jelly Mooncakes

Special thanks to Michelle's Jelly Mooncakes for extending this product review invitation.

If jelly mooncakes is your cup of tea, you may want to consider Michelle's Jelly Mooncakes too. So far, this is the only cendol-flavored jelly mooncake that I encountered this year.
The Jelly Mooncakes (燕菜月饼) come in a box of 4 pieces of different flavors. Since no preservatives are used, the mooncakes need to be refrigerated and consumed within a week.

According to Michelle, the bestseller is the cendol (煎蕊) type. Like Penang's signature dessert, this jelly mooncake is sweetened with palm sugar and therefore appears brown in color. The jelly is also punctuated with small pieces of green jelly noodles and red beans.
The dragon fruit (火龙果) has fragrant fruity aroma as soon as the lid is opened. The colorful decoration on top reflects the delicate process of filling the mold part by part. However, the taste of dragon fruit is somewhat lacking.
As for the longan (龙眼) version, its pleasant sweetness is quite welcoming compared to other flavors. The jelly itself contains tiny bits of longan too. Personally, this is my favorite type among the four.
Finally, the lychee (荔枝) mooncake has the most intricate pattern on top, using 4 different colors in a complex configuration. I can only imagine how each compartment in the mold needs to be filled painstakingly.
This box of 4 jelly mooncakes is priced at RM30.00 and comes with a complimentary paper bag. Michelle's Jelly Mooncakes can be ordered by phone (012-486-2526). The usual collection point is at Green Lane McDonald's.
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