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Established in 2010 as a business venture between two ambitious entrepreneurs, D'King is a local supplier of durian produce and products. D'King hit the news several years ago through its Durian Goreng (fried durian fritters) in a night market in Klang Valley. Although the stall has been discontinued, D'King is focusing on export business especially in China. Its market presence is evident through its wide range of durian-based confectionery, pastry and desserts.

For this upcoming Mid-Autumn Festival (中秋节), D'King is rolling out its latest innovation in durian products: Musang King Snowy Mooncake (猫山王榴莲冰皮月饼). This is an extension of the D24 (another durian cultivar) mooncake which was wildly popular last year. This year's delicacy is made from the prized Musang King durian cultivar specially sourced from Raub, Pahang.
Preparation of durian mooncakes is labor-intensive and is very sensitive to precise conditions. As soon as fresh Musang King durians are received, the flesh is immediately harvested to prevent it from losing moisture or becoming mushy.

Meanwhile, the "snowy" skin is made from boiled glutinous rice flour and vegetable shortening. While neutral in taste, the snowy skin has delectable texture very similar to mochi (もち), a type of Japanese rice cake. The skin dough is meant to seal in durian goodness, therefore it is quite resilient and sufficiently flexible to be shaped in a mold.
Upon biting the mooncake, fragrant durian aroma greets the nasal cavity almost instantly. As the mooncake is best served cool (but not frozen), the delicate durian paste melts effortlessly as it makes contact with the tongue. Falling short of the actual fruit itself, the Musang King Snowy Mooncake is the next best way to gratify in the heavenly flavors of Musang King durians.

As D'King does not use any eggs or dairy products during preparation, the Musang King Snowy Mooncake is suitable for vegan diets. In addition, the mooncakes are free from artificial preservatives or flavoring. Like all of D'King products, the Musang King Snowy Mooncake is halal-certified. This makes the mooncake suitable for all walks of life.
Musang King Snowy Mooncake is sold as a set of 2 boxes, which comes in an elegant paper bag and fabric straps. Each box contains 4 mooncakes (60 grams per mooncake). The presentable appeal of the product makes it suitable as gift ideas.

The mooncakes are delivered in insulated polystyrene boxes with ice packs, but they have to be kept frozen whenever possible. Before consuming, thaw for 15 minutes before serving.
For a limited time, a set of the Musang King Snowy Mooncake is offered at promotional price of RM98.00 instead of the usual RM128.00 price tag. Delivery charge is RM15.00 but is waived for orders of at least 2 sets. The deadline to order for the mooncakes is on 25 September 2015.

To place your order, simply send a WhatsApp message to 012-664-8797 with this format.

Name: D'King
Address: N/A
Contact: 012-664-8797
Business hours: N/A
Website: http://www.dking.com.my
Coordinates: N/A
Directions: N/A

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