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Kindori Japanese Ice Cream (キンドリ) used to operate a kiosk at Gurney Plaza, but its presence in Penang is now exclusively online. Renowned for its exquisite ice cream cakes, Kindori has recently launched a line of ice cream mooncakes in the festive spirit of Mid-Autumn Festival.
In line of Kindori's quality standard, the ice cream mooncakes are made from natural ingredients, including fresh milk and fresh fruits. The fruits are blast-frozen to maintain freshness without affecting their aroma and sweetness. No artificial flavoring nor preservatives are used in the production of the mooncakes.
The 4-in-1 combo set of Ice Cream Mooncakes (RM95.29) has 5 different flavors: mango, matcha, dark chocolate, durian and mint chocolate chip. Each piece is sold individually for RM25.33, but you get better value for money with the combo set.

The mango mooncake has the gentlest flavor of all, which makes it appealing to everyone's palate. Coated in white chocolate, the light taste of mango is quite soothing as the ice cream melts in the mouth.
Next is the matcha ice cream mooncake, which is coated in white chocolate with a hint of green tea. Personally, I feel that its matcha flavor does not stand out as prominently as compared to other flavors.
My personal favorite is the dark chocolate mooncake. As befitting as it should be, this mooncake is coated with dark chocolate of higher cocoa concentration. The reason I find this mooncake so appealing is the pleasant bitter aftertaste presented by the bold chocolate.
It is easy to understand why many people love the durian version. As soon as the plastic seal is broken, its fragrance permeates throughout the entire room. As far as flavor is concerned, the taste is the most prominent among all.
Kindori's ice cream mooncakes are have the right level of sweetness which does not overwhelm the taste buds. Despite being an ice cream, the mooncakes contain low fat and sugar. Besides milk, no meat products are used, therefore these mooncakes are suitable for lacto vegetarians.
The ice cream mooncakes need to be kept frozen. To keep them chilled during shipping, an insulated box and ice packs are used in the packaging. Although the mooncakes are engineered last for several months, they are best consumed within a week for the best enjoyment.
Kindori's ice cream mooncakes can be ordered through its online portal. Delivery is provided within Penang, Klang Valley, Johor Bahru and Ipoh and is charged at RM19.20 per order. Alternatively, customers in Penang Island can call Kindori's sales representative May Loh (016-422-4131) instead to arrange for free delivery. Delivery typically takes 3 working days after ordering.
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