Naan Corner Restaurant

Located at Ampang, Naan Corner Restaurant is an Indian-operated eatery, despite its Malay-style ambience. Nevertheless, its open-air dining section is well-lit and reasonably presentable. The restaurant is adjacent to Nur Satay, a popular satay kiosk in its own right.
Having been in business for several decades, Naan Corner Restaurant is well-known for its Roti Boom. Very similar to Roti Canai, Roti Boom is thicker and its dough is not so stretched. Therefore from texture standpoint, Roti Boom tends to have doughier mouthfeel.
Roti Boom is sold at RM0.50 each, which is very cheap especially in the context of Klang Valley's cost of living. Although it has been several years since I last dined here, the bread is still nice like before. The light crisp on the surface and starchy interior are very satisfying to my palate.
Another dish that I used to enjoy here is Roti Naan (RM2.00 each). Cooked on the hot inner surface of a tandoor oven, the flatbread is sprinkled with white sesame seeds. Unfortunately, tonight's Roti Naan feels moist on the inside; I think it should have been baked longer. But if this is the actual standard of Roti Naan today, it will be prudent to avoid this dish in the future.
Roti Boom and Roti Naan can be enjoyed with complimentary dal (दाल) made from chickpeas. Optionally, one can also order some curries to go with the bread, such as Chicken Masala (RM12.00). The two pieces of chicken are marinated decently well, while the gravy carries moderate spiciness.
As for drinks, Teh Tarik is priced at RM3.00 each. This is just the standard serving of milk tea like most Malay or Indian stalls. The drink is not served in jumbo size or contain any exotic ingredients. While I was complimenting the affordable price of Roti Boom just a short while ago, the price of Teh Tarik is quite shocking.
Several hours after the meal, several of us had serious stomach discomfort. Naturally, food hygiene at Naan Corner Restaurant is under suspect. Could it have been a coincidence? Well, you have to try the food at your own risk.
On a different note, I have heard of numerous complaints about exorbitant pricing of food here. I advise you to ask for the price before ordering anything.

Address: 12, Lorong Kerja Ayer Lama, 68000 Ampang, Selangor
Contact: 016-947-2020
Business hours: 11:00am-2:00am (Monday-Friday), 7:00am-2:00am (Saturday-Sunday)

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