777 Hokkien Mee

Special thanks to 777 Hokkien Mee for extending this food review invitation.

Remember Lai Fa Lin (来发林) at the ground floor of a block of flats at Farlim? Due to tenancy issues, this hawker stall has moved to a proper premises at Dhoby Ghaut (洗布桥). This time, it is called 777 Hokkien Mee (777福建面). It is named after a stall that the proprietor used to operate in Johor Bahru more than a decade ago.
Like before, there are two main dishes here: Hokkien Mee (福建面) and Chicken Leg Loh Mee (鸡脚卤面). The standard portion of each bowl is priced at RM4.00, while a large serving costs RM4.50. The price has increased since the previous location, but overall the food is still reasonably affordable. After all, living expenses have increased ever since GST was introduced earlier this year.
In my opinion, both Hokkien Mee and Loh Mee work best with a mixture of rice vermicelli (米粉) and yellow noodles (黄面). The former is better in absorbing flavor from gravy, while the latter provides firmer mouthfeel.
The standard portion of Hokkien Mee contains pork slices (切肉) and small shrimps (小虾). On top of this, there are a number of optional add-ons to choose from, ranging from soy eggs (卤蛋) to large shrimps (大虾).
Pork ribs (排骨) is one of the more popular ones. Normally, the portion around the rib bones yields the best flavor due to the composition of lean muscular meat and tendons.
Some prefer to avoid pig intestines (粉肠), but I am fine with innards as long as they are cleaned properly.
Pork rind (猪皮) is complimentary to all customers. As the proprietor acquires pork rind at no cost from the supplier, he feels that it is only fair to pass on the savings to his customers. I appreciate his honesty and integrity.
Meatballs (肉丸) and fishballs (鱼丸) may appear unassuming, but sometimes you can be surprised. Contrary to my expectation, the block-shaped fishballs complements well with Hokkien Mee.
Although Hokkien Mee is often served with stewed pork, some customers prefer roasted pork (烧肉) as it provides delightful crisp on the skin. However, roasted pork should be eaten quickly before it becomes soggy and loses its crispy appeal.
Chicken feet (鸡脚) is used in the standard portion of Chicken Leg Loh Mee (鸡脚卤面). Of course, customers can order one as an add-on to Hokkien Mee.
In terms of flavor, the Hokkien Mee retains the quality and appeal as it had before. I would not go so far to say that it is the best version that I have ever tasted, but this bowl is not one to be passed over.
As I did not try Loh Mee previously, this is my first attempt with this dish. Since I am quite full with the large bowl of Hokkien Mee, noodles are omitted per my request. The thick sauce is made from corn starch and beaten eggs, making this gravy quite filling and satisfying. Savory and starchy, the gravy is well-suited with chicken feet. Nevertheless, I still feel that Hokkien Mee is still this stall's stronger suit.
In terms of condiments, fried onion (炸洋葱) and fried garlic (炸蒜头) are must-haves with Hokkien Mee. These are prepared in-house to maintain their aroma and crispiness.
As for Loh Mee, it is best enjoyed with a spoonful of garlic vinegar (大蒜醋).
777 Hokkien Mee is open for dinner till the wee hours of the morning. It is located just across the popular hawker center at Jalan Ayer Itam, which is a hangout spot of night owls. Although 777 Hokkien Mee does not have food variety that the hawker center provides, I think it is still worthwhile to visit the former, especially if you did enjoy its food back in Farlim.

Name: 777 Hokkien Mee (777福建面)
Address: 188, Jalan Ayer Itam, 10460 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 011-1077-8387
Business hours: 5:00pm-2:00am
Website: Click here
Coordinates: 5.41272 N, 100.30946 E
Directions: Traveling westward along Jalan Ayer Itam, look out for Continental Best Drive Tyre on the left. After 7:00pm, there is a hawker center in front of it. 777 Hokkien Mee is located just across the road. Parking at Dhoby Ghaut is a bit tricky. Most people just find a spot along both sides of the road. During peak hours, one may need to park at a considerable distance from the shop.

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