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Special thanks to De' Corner for extending this food review invitation.

Update: This business has ceased its operations.

De' Corner Kitchen is a restaurant along the main road between Tanjung Tokong and Tanjung Bungah. Since the eatery is primarily designed for outdoor dining, it is only open for dinner to take advantage of the cool evening breeze.
De' Corner features garden-like appearance with wooden tables and chairs. For shelter, there are glass canopies with vines running on the sides. After the sun has set, nighttime lighting presents a pleasant ambience despite the restaurant's adjacency to a busy road.

The main delicacy at De' Corner is noodles soup. The serving counter provides nearly 50 different types of ingredients. Customers simply pick their favorite meats and vegetables in a bowl, then hand over to the staff. The staff will cook the ingredients in the selected type of soup base, then deliver cooked dishes to customer tables.
Personally, my foremost attention is minced pork (猪肉碎). Visually, I can tell that the pork has been well marinated beforehand.
Also deserving due attention is bacon (猪肉片). The lovely slices have been cured with salt to concentrate as much savory goodness as possible.
There are also dumplings (饺子) and fried wantan (炸云吞) at the serving counter. Both are too appealing to pass over.
Fried fish (炸鱼) and fish balls (鱼丸) are also available. I am not sure what type of fish is used, but it does not hurt to try some for my first visit.
As for yong tau foo (酿豆腐), there are several types such as okra (lady's fingers, 羊角豆) and bean curd skin (腐皮). Each piece is stuffed with fish paste.
There are also various types of processed meat and seafood such as crab sticks (蟹柳). Egg bean curd (日本豆腐) is also available. Personally, I tend to skip processed food so that I can save more stomach space for fresh ingredients.
To the right of the serving counter, a separate table provides additional ingredients such as mushrooms (香菇) and fish maw (鱼鳔).
As for noodles, there are several types such as Cintan noodles (金旦面) and soy bean noodles (豆签). Diner can opt to skip the noodles if they wish so.
There are two types of soup to choose from. Tom Yum Soup (东炎汤) is the more popular one. The recipe was inherited from the proprietor's aunt in Thailand. The curry carries a sharp sense of spiciness on the tongue, bearing certain degree of numbness for the unprepared. One can also request for a less spicy version, which I strongly recommend if you are a novice in Thai cuisine.
Alternatively, the gastronomically-conservative can also opt for the Clear Soup (清汤). Despite having rich savory flavors, this soup is prepared without any meat ingredients. Instead, milk is used to provide most of flavor. Unlike Tom Yum Soup, the Clear Soup needs to be cooked one pot at a time. Therefore, the staff may take longer time to prepare this soup than Tom Yum Soup.
While enjoying the Top Yum Soup, it is wise to have a glass of Iced Lemon & Lime (RM8.90) on hand. Made from lemon juice, lime juice and some salt, this drink is the ideal remedy for lingering burns due to spicy food. Just a light sip of this cold juice is sufficient to wash off any burning sensation!
Another signature drink here is De' Corner Classic (RM9.90). This decaffeinated beverage may not be the top choice of hardcore coffee addicts, but its specialty lies in its smooth milky composition. The flawless layer of microfoam on top is very gratifying as it slips through the lips.
The Rock Twister (RM13.90) is an ice-blended milk shake with crushed espresso beans suspended in within. This drink is an effective way to get an instant rush of adrenaline through the blood vessels.
Yield to your sweet tooth with the ice-blended Oreonese (RM13.90). This chocolate-rich drink is loaded further with crushed Oreo cookies. Speaking of sweet tooth, it is inevitable to have bits of Oreo cookies lodged between the teeth. But who cares about this when the drink is so enjoyable?
For something more standard, the Iced Coffee (RM11.90) is made from espresso and fresh milk. The drink is chilled with crushed ice to create a slushy mixture.
Last but not least, the Espresso Vanilla (RM13.90) serves better as a dessert than a drink. Using hot espresso at the base, the remainder of the cup is covered with whipped cream. Whipped cream is also punctuated intermittently with roasted espresso beans. The dense layer of whipped cream helps to insulate the hot espresso bellow. This dessert is quite large because it is meant to be shared.
De' Corner Kitchen has an upper floor but it is not used as dining floor unless it rains outside. In addition, there is a small "R&D kitchen" upstairs where the proprietor researches new recipes. In the near future, De' Corner will be introducing White Tom Yum Soup (白东炎汤) and an à la carte menu of Western food.
In summary, De' Corner is a great place to enjoy steamboat-like soup minus the messy cooking. There is also an interesting mix of hot and cold drinks, caffeinated and otherwise. If it were not due to the haze, outdoor ambience would have been enjoyable too.

Name: De' Corner Kitchen
Address: 502-J, Jalan Tanjung Bungah, 11200 Tanjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-406-4896
Business hours: 6:30pm-12:30am, closed on Tuesdays
Coordinates: 5.46247 N, 100.30389 E
Directions: From Tanjung Tokong, drive along Jalan Tanjung Bungah towards Tanjung Bungah. Immediately after Viva Local Food Haven (东城饮食中心) on the right, turn left to the service road in parallel to the main road. De' Corner the last building on the left, just before Jalan Gajah. There is limited parking space in front of De' Corner. Alternatively, there are more parking spaces in the residential area behind Jalan Gajah.

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