Hsinchu Garden

Special thanks to Hsinchu Garden for extending this event invitation.

In conjunction with the Nine Emperor Gods Festival (九皇大帝), several eateries are offering vegetarian food for the convenience of devotees. One of the larger ones is located along Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang in Jelutong. Operated by Hsinchu Garden (新竹园素食阁), this event runs from 12 October 2015 (eve of 9th month of Chinese lunar calendar) to 21 October 2015 (9th day of the month).
Like the proper restaurant at Perak Road (Jalan Perak), this special event features a large number of dishes for economy rice. In vegetarian style, of course. There are more than 60 dishes on rotation basis; around 40 dishes are available at any time.
For casual vegetarians, switching abruptly to vegetarian diet can be difficult. Therefore, there are a number of meat substitute dishes to allow them to get accustomed.
For example, there is a dish of sweet-and-sour "pork" with sprinkled sesame seeds.
Also, check out the braised "fish" in dark sauce.
Fried bean curd (豆干) is one of the popular specialties here. I highly recommend this.
Other specialties are fried money bag (百宝福袋) and dumplings (云吞).
As for stews, there is a vegetarian version of "pork slices".
These "pork chunks" in curry are also quite delectable. It is definitely worth trying.
Meanwhile, the chai boey (菜尾) is a traditional dish which uses Chinese mustard (芥菜) and various spices to create a sour stew. Although no meat is used, this stew is still appetizing nevertheless.
Apart from economy rice dishes, there are other hawker-style food choices such as Jawa Mee (爪哇面), Char Hor Fun (炒河粉) and Veggie Burger (素汉堡包).
In addition, there are also various types of traditional pastries and confectionery.
Part of the proceeds from this 10-day event will be donated to charitable organizations. In addition, Hsinchu Garden welcomes donation of food and household items too.
Name: Hsinchu Garden (新竹园素食阁)
Address: Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang, 10100 Jelutong, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 016-434-3493
Business hours: 6:00am-12:00pm
Website: https://www.facebook.com/hsinchugarden
Coordinates: 5.38788 N, 100.30534 E
Directions: Traveling southbound on Green Lane (Jalan Masjid Negeri), turn left to Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang after Petronas petrol station. Hsinchu Garden is located along Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang on the right. There are parking spaces around the commercial square and Batu Lanchang wet market across the road.

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