Khoon Pastry House

Operating since 1957, Khoon Pastry House (悦群糕饼中心) at Argyll Road (Jalan Argyll) is renowned for its hugely popular line of pastries. To adapt to changing demographics, this bakery store has been given a modern twist of refurbishing to present the ambience reminiscent of a café's.
Besides cakes and pies that have brought fame over the decades, Khoon Pastry House also sports an appealing food menu. As ethnic Hainanese, the proprietors also include a handful of Hainanese dishes such as chicken rice and chicken chop.
Needless to say, the Hainanese Chicken Rice (RM10.90) is my first pick today. Off the bat, I must say that the chicken is cooked perfectly. Natural sweetness of the flesh is matched only by its delectable layer of skin. In terms of mouthfeel, the chicken is spot-on between tenderness and firmness. As for the rice, it is reasonably well-flavored but can make better use of fragrance from its oils.
Another word of commendation goes to the homemade chili sauce. Although immensely spicy, its fiery flavor elevates this chicken rice dish to an entirely new level.
Next on the line is the Mutton Shepherd's Pie (RM15.90). The pastry presents delightfully unique mouthfeel. It is slightly doughy as opposed to being entirely flaky.
Within the meat pie are succulent mutton cutlets, mashed potatoes, onions and green peas. All ingredients are held together by thick, starchy gravy. I am undecided whether I enjoyed the chicken rice or shepherd's pie more, as both are beautifully prepared in their own ways.
The Chicken Curry Puff (RM3.00) has very delicate pastry, flaking off layer by layer through the slightest touch. The pastry is very light on the mouth, making its enjoyment almost heavenly.
Within the flaky layers of pastry are piping-hot chunks of chicken and onions in semi-dry curry. Short of being able to taste it by yourself, you have to take my word that this puff is extremely delectable.
My choice of beverage is Vanilla Milkshake (RM6.90). Unfortunately, the shake lacks the fruity appeal that I am looking for. I concede the likelihood that drinks are not the bakery's strongest suit. Nevertheless, I am not complaining as I visit Khoon Pastry House for the food anyway.
In summary, Khoon Pastry House excels in its chicken rice and pies - clearing the bar by a huge margin. This is not a statement that I take lightly. I highly recommend this bakery whether you are looking for a quick bite of pastry, or for a casual Hainanese-style chicken rice meal.

Address: 29, Jalan Argyll, 10050 George Town, Pulau Pinang
Contact: 04-263-2858
Business hours: 11:00am-3:00pm, 6:00pm-9:00pm, closed on Sundays

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